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Life is a Challenge, Accept It!

I remember one of my semesters that my teacher told us on the first day that it was a hard class, and that people rarely passed it especially with an A. I was scared at the beginning and felt like dropping it, but I couldn't because my school advisor said I shouldn't. My first grade in that class was so bad at first, I just always got the lowest grade. This was so annoying; with the way things were, there was no way  that I was not going to make a B or a C grade in that class which will affect my G.P.A for my majors. I decided to accept the challenge and be among the few people to make an A in that class. I gave it all my efforts, read and did all my home-work thoroughly and accurately. To summarize the whole story, I got an A in the class. This is how life treats us. Sometimes, it is waiting for us to accept the challenge and try all our best. It's trying to break us to our weakest point and most of us give up and become weak. You alone know yourself and can control yours…

21st Century Marriage

Marriage is said to be a beautiful thing that can happen between any two lovers. It used to be so cherished that getting married became a dream come true for most people. Lately, I doubt if it is still the same because of some fallacies that comes with it and fear it has instilled in some people. Marriage being a union or an agreement between two lovers to take each other as one has tend to change. It was originally meant to be a mutual agreement where they both love, care for each others, and endure  and sacrifice for each other selflessly has been turned to a battle ground by most couples. It used to be a union where the two people see each other as their own selves and take each others body as theirs too. Marriage was the only place that I saw one plus one become one instead of two. Marriage cannot also be perfect but it takes the effort of two people to make it perfect. You can't sit down and blame it just on your spouse for not making it work. Have you asked yourself what an…

The Irony of Life

I have heard people numerous times gush about how pretty life is. I am not doubting this in any way, I believe your life looks the way you design it. We are fairly our own architect when it comes to life. Sometimes life can be a BITCH and sometimes it can be an ANGEL. The reason is simple; life is not a bed of roses. We happen to live in an ironical world. It might sound so obvious or surprising to you but that is the sad truth. You ever imagine that thing you hate so much is somebody's greatest wish. Another man's meat is another man's poison is a very popular saying that quite explains this mystery of living an ironical life. 

     I stumbled across a blog that was talking about how we are being pushed into getting an education as if that is the only way one can succeed in the society. The blogger had a point actually; he was very accurate with the points he made mentioned. I actually followed him after reading that particular post but one thing got my attention. The com…