21st Century Marriage

Marriage is said to be a beautiful thing that can happen between any two lovers. It used to be so cherished that getting married became a dream come true for most people. Lately, I doubt if it is still the same because of some fallacies that comes with it and fear it has instilled in some people. Marriage being a union or an agreement between two lovers to take each other as one has tend to change. It was originally meant to be a mutual agreement where they both love, care for each others, and endure  and sacrifice for each other selflessly has been turned to a battle ground by most couples. It used to be a union where the two people see each other as their own selves and take each others body as theirs too. Marriage was the only place that I saw one plus one become one instead of two. Marriage cannot also be perfect but it takes the effort of two people to make it perfect. You can't sit down and blame it just on your spouse for not making it work. Have you asked yourself what and what you did to make that marriage to work? What efforts did you contribute to make it work before getting frustrated about the marriage? This is why it takes endurance to have a marriage. Recently after seeing couple of pictures like this one below, it got me wondering if the meaning of marriage or the word has changed over the years and most people especially the ladies aren't aware of this. ​​   ​​  I was literally shocked after seeing posts like these ones.

  I get so confused at the said definition of marriage that I had believed to be the true meaning of marriage- the till death do part union, the one body marriage. I always that in marriage the man should see his wife as himself likewise the wife. So my question is if what I just said now was the true meaning of marriage, can a man do this to his own body? Any man who does is truly insane and needs to be in a mental hospital receiving some harsh treatment. Marriage is meant to be a union filled with love and not hatred, anger, fights and abuse.  After reading a post by an insane man ( I am sorry about that but it was really necessary) that he wrote on his social media. I just knew that it is either some men are not just ready for marriage or that some women are ignorant and unnecessary stupid. ​​    

             This is total madness and I can not believe such human beings exists. The thing is it is not all men that are so insane out there. People should just get into their brain that the definition and meaning of marriage has been changed. it is no more a union of until death do us apart nor a union of an endurance. To the ladies, Y'all should know that marriage is not a do-or-die affair. You should not murder yourself all in the name of keeping your marriage. Stop enduring nonsense for marriage sake, if the animal that beat you up and scarred you entire body couldn't endure you and whatever you did to annoy him if ever there is, then there is no need enduring his stupidity and being abused by him. Stop being caught in this web of it's better you stay with an abusive man than to divorce if not for anything for your children's sake. FALSE! You are traumatizing those children, they see their mother abused by a man they call father and probably might end up becoming abusers themselves. You own your life and body, learn when to call it a quit in marriage, do not die when enduring a monster that will probably not even mourn your death. Do not be deceived by the likes of man that wrote the rubbish post above. The wife must be under some effects of black magic or I am just hoping he made that up. They beat somebody's sister and daughter but won't even lay a hand on their sisters. The law of KARMA will surely catch up on some people. The same goes for the men in abused marriage, run for your lives. She's not your life, she is just your spouse.
            I am not in any way advising people to leave their marriages; I am only advising y'all to learn how to leave abusive marriages. Stop using your religion leaders as excuses too-Pastors, Priests, Prophet, Imam, and so on. This is because that is the latest excuse for the women. How in the world will your religion leader know what is going on in your house. I read the story of a woman who became handicapped after a man she called her"husband" cut off her two hands because she couldn't give birth which happens to be the man's fault. When questioned, the lady said her pastor told her to stay and endure that everything will be fine. I am not in any way going against these religious leaders but I believe that sometimes people should know when to say enough. I am still guessing that now the lady has no hands because she was enduring a vapid, half-baked, dull-witted man as her husband. Some ladies have actually lost their lives too in this process. Y'all ladies should learn and know when to say enough is enough.


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