Life is a Challenge, Accept It!

I remember one of my semesters that my teacher told us on the first day that it was a hard class, and that people rarely passed it especially with an A. I was scared at the beginning and felt like dropping it, but I couldn't because my school advisor said I shouldn't. My first grade in that class was so bad at first, I just always got the lowest grade. This was so annoying; with the way things were, there was no way  that I was not going to make a B or a C grade in that class which will affect my G.P.A for my majors. I decided to accept the challenge and be among the few people to make an A in that class. I gave it all my efforts, read and did all my home-work thoroughly and accurately. To summarize the whole story, I got an A in the class. This is how life treats us. Sometimes, it is waiting for us to accept the challenge and try all our best. It's trying to break us to our weakest point and most of us give up and become weak. You alone know yourself and can control yourself; it's time to get up and pick the baton and accept the challenge. You have to show life that you can make an A in it, if it were a class. Get up from your slumber people, buckle your shoes, tie up your shoe laces, and go get the baton. Listen to your inner self and believe that you can be among the few people.


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