The Irony of Life

 I have heard people numerous times gush about how pretty life is. I am not doubting this in any way, I believe your life looks the way you design it. We are fairly our own architect when it comes to life. Sometimes life can be a BITCH and sometimes it can be an ANGEL. The reason is simple; life is not a bed of roses. We happen to live in an ironical world. It might sound so obvious or surprising to you but that is the sad truth. You ever imagine that thing you hate so much is somebody's greatest wish. Another man's meat is another man's poison is a very popular saying that quite explains this mystery of living an ironical life. 

     I stumbled across a blog that was talking about how we are being pushed into getting an education as if that is the only way one can succeed in the society. The blogger had a point actually; he was very accurate with the points he made mentioned. I actually followed him after reading that particular post but one thing got my attention. The comment sections were filled with  things like: so true, finally someone is saying something about this nonsense, you nailed it, and so forth which I happen to be even one of them. He kept replying each comments with "that's the irony of life". Okay the thing here is that we all knew he said the sad truth which we acknowledged but we all were abiding by the same system. I checked the profile of some of the those that commented; trust me when I say that some of the were professors, students, master degree holders. None of them identified him/herself as school-drop-out, self creative or something close to that area. I was even one of them. We all knew that the society was not being fair by making it look like we all need education to survive and fit into the system which is not necessary true. You can be self-employed with your own skills but the irony is that more than seventy-five of us or all of us who read the blog are not willing at all to leave the education system even if we are asked to in order to find our own careers and dreams but we talked about them.

         I also happen to ask some of my friends this question; "Do you think that you live your life for people?" All of them answered NO! I know that must have been what you answered yourself too. It's fine, that's okay. I used to answer No too to that question because that is what we believe and not what we practice in reality. We believe that we are in control of our lives and what we do. It turns out it is not one hundred percent true. That is just a fallacy on it's own. The truth which sucks is that we live almost eighty percent of our lives for people based on their judgement. You can disagree with this, it's fine. I understand, sometimes the truth needs time to assimilate in to us. You ever wonder why you wake up and you go to school, go out to hustle, you try your best to look good. I quite agree you do it for yourself, but it's not really compulsory. The main reason why you do it is because people think that that is the way it should be done and you grew up with the system as a little child. Why do you think you should give birth before your forties and get married before your early thirties. It's not really because you want to. You can get married in your forties, it's not really a crime but the society clock says it's too late and then you get deceived into thinking that you have to really get married before your forties. Yet, you still think that you don't live your life for people. It sounds funny but that's the kind of world we live in and the life we are living.
We are living an Ironical Life!

Those that are interested in reading the blog that I talked about above, below is the link:


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