Anger Management 1

Do you ever feel so angry that you can't stop yourself? or you see yourself do things out of rage which on a normal day, you wouldn't have done? Don't worry, you are not alone.  I am here to help you but first one has to know the roots and causes of Anger.  A friend of mine once said, "all problems have a root and they started from somewhere; therefore the solution should also start from the root". According to the Cambridge dictionary; Anger is defined as the feeling people get when something unfair, painful or bad happens to them. It is the feeling of being upset or annoyed that makes you want to hurt people or shout at them. Anger or being angry is not a bad thing, it's just an emotion that was bound to be, just like being happy. It becomes a bad thing only when you allow it to control you, and as we all know, our emotions should not control us. We should control our emotions instead. When we allow it to overwhelm us and control us, it can be diagnosed as a disease and a mental issue. Now, it might sound weird and strange to some people, but that's the truth. Everybody is made different and unique in their own way; so is our genes and personality. Some people are prone to anger easily and sometimes use it as an excuse. I have heard people saying after hurting people, "she/he knows am hot tempered, and I warned her/him to stay off my path but she/he wouldn't listen". This does not sound right but sounds like a bully talking.  Anybody can have issues with managing their anger, but it occurs more often in children, adolescents, and young adults. The children and adolescents are more susceptible to anger because their Prefrontal cortex of their brain are still maturing and is still developing which makes them unable to control their emotions,  while the adults might have many things that contribute to having anger issues. There are various causes of having anger issues, such as stress and life stressors, alcoholism, abuse, family issues and problems, traumas of any kind et cetera.  Other people might just carry it in their gene. If you see yourself in such situations like not being able to control your anger or you get angry easily; you can help yourself out by learning how to manage your anger. Lack of anger management can endanger our health in many ways. It can lead to Headaches, Heart/chest problems, Digestion issues, Anxiety and Depression et cetera.

To be continued in the next post.


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