Anger Management 2

Previously, the meaning of anger and its causes were discussed in Anger Management (1). The methods of controlling anger will be discussed here. Anger, as we discussed previously too, can lead to Headaches, Heart/chest problems, Digestion issues, Anxiety and Depression et cetera. Through this, one can see the effects of anger; if it can lead to all these, one sure needs to control it. Anger management is a way or methods that one could use to control their outburst. Methods one can control their outburst includes;
A.) Avoid talking immediately when angry-  One can hurt or create a damage when they are annoyed or angry if they act or talk immediately. So it's best to leave the room entirely when angry to avoid talking  or confronting the cause of the problem
B.) Taking a walk or Strolling- When annoyed, one should take a walk or stroll outside to receive fresh air in order to calm their nerves down. Try exercising (eg. yoga) if possible, that would be awesome.
C.) Try to figure out what makes you so mad- One should try to figure out what drives them so mad, how your body reacts, the process that takes place before your outburst. When figured it out, you can start practicing to stop yourself from the outburst by following the process gradually. For instance, you have noticed that before you get so angry, your eyes first of all dilates, your heart triples it's beating, you feel blood rushing through your head. You can start practicing by practicing step B  when you notice your heartbeat doubling to avoid reaching your climax.
D.) Avoid ruminating  and holding grudges- When you ruminate (thinking deeply about something) over and over again and hold grudges, it raises the possibility of you getting angry or being angry to 80% which is not healthy for the human body. This practice alone makes a major contribution  to anxiety and depression to people who experience this problem. Always practice and try to forgive and forget; it improves one's health a whole lot.
E.) Try keeping a journal- Some people control their anger by sharing it with another person or thing. If you don't want tell it people, you can share it with your book or a journal. It is better to express your whole emotions in a book than getting hurt or hurting someone.
F.) Practice breathing with your stomach- Yes, I call it breathing with your stomach, but what I actually mean is taking a deep breath five times. Do it really good when annoyed and get a relief.
       Try and practice these methods above to be in control of your anger and manage it properly and in a healthy manner. If none of these methods helps you, think about seeking professional help because you don't want to hurt yourself or other people.


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