Being Gay

Okay, I know most of you are here to read this post because of the title. Quite a few among you came to clear your doubt, some better still came to verify your doubts  (the I knew it she was gay doubt) and the rest of you probably are here to know my opinions on the topic and ready to attack me like a fierce lion.


Well, I don't have to be gay before speaking up for gays or to know the kind of discrimination they go through.  I really admire the boldness of those who come out  boldly to be who they are irrespective of the discrimination from the majority.  It's really sad to see the way they are treated and discussed like outcasts all because of their sexual preferences.

Listen to what transpired between these two friends
Tack! Tack!! Tack!!!
The noise became louder as it came closer. I didn't bother to turn my back, I felt it wasn't necessary it is probably some teacher's heels as I went into the bathroom.
Friend 1: did you see the guy with heels
Friend 2: ummh no
Friend 1: the heel noise behind us
Friend 2:was that a guy?
Friend 1: really? Are you just kidding me? Like you didn't notice?
Friend 2: oh wow,he tried. How possible could he walk in heels. I can't even really wear heels for a long time. I prefer my sneakers or flats.
Friend 1: yes, he can because he's gay.
Friend 2: he is? I  didn't even notice
Friend 1:like are you even alive at all. How did you not notice it. Who doesn't know. He makes it obvious.
Friend 2: oh wow.
 Now, my question is what made him stood out? His sexual preferences, or his way of dressing?  Why was he their topic? Is it because of his boldness to come out truly as who he is. What is really wrong in practicing what is different from that of the majority.

I know some of you are now ready to quote the passages of the bible that condemns such act. I am not in anyway denying the bible or what is written inside it. The issue is that same bible most people use in finding excuses to discriminate gays also condemned sex before marriage and sex with another person other than your spouse after marriage. In other words it specifically condemned fornication and adultery. It condemned the shaving of any hair on your body. It condemned eating of shrimps  too.  I  can go on and on with listing of things the bible condemned that we do everyday that passes by but  because we out of our own selfishness changed them for our benefits, we shut our eyes and pretend that the bible was not really serious about them.

What an irony!  I repeat what an irony! We chose the ones we prefer and made it our way of  life. If you are going to use the bible as an excuse to why being gay is bad and should be discriminated, you should look through your bible first and tell me how Perfect are you to judge other people's decisions in life. Oh we forget that The new testament said if you look at someone lustfully that's fornication too. So again I am wondering if you fail every single thing in the bible but only hold on to the ones said about gays and you are coming to prove your point with bible, think about it again.

Also don't judge them  biological. There are also couples of opposite sex who still don't give birth.

Live and let live. Stop with the slander, discrimination, selfishness, and judging of other people. Nobody knows it all. Everyone should be given the same freedom to express their selves. 


  1. Are you in support of homosexual marriage?

    1. You cut your hair, and style it too. you eat shrimps too. so why won't you allow them the chance to live their lives? That is all am saying


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