Being In a Relationship

Does one really need to be in a relationship? The answer to this question does not seem to be definite. Being in a relationship is a good thing. It feels so good to love and be loved in return. Relationships can be intimate or just casual. An intimate relationship is a relationship that involves romance while casual relationship does not involve any romance. This does not mean that there will be no kind of romance in the casual relationship, there is but on a low key level. People tend to get involved more with intimate relationships; regardless of the complexity, heartache, pains and hurt that comes with it. If you think that you can't handle it; I will advise you settle for the casual relationships and gradually move up your level. This is to avoid being hurt, and make you vulnerable to being scared of moving on from an old relationship; but if you think that you can handle it, then make your choice. Most people want and dream of having a perfect relationship or want theirs to be perfect; probably because of the media which deceives quite a number of people. This contributes to the failures of many relationships. The truth is there is no perfect relationship yet, but some work together to bring it closer to perfection. One can't just sit still and wait for miracles to happen in your relationship. You have to work for it to earn it; stop being deceived by the social medias of people posting pictures of their relationships calling it perfect. Yes, it might be close to one, but it's not one. Yours could be like that only if you would stop complaining, and work together with your partner. Sit down together with your partner, talk things out, and identify each other's flaws. Enter a relationship because you are attracted to your partner, and love him. Do not start a relationship because your friends are all in a relationship; remember that you all are just friends but different in your own ways. The same things can't work for everybody. You can't use the charger for your laptop to charge your phone; simply because they were meant for different purposes. The laptop to go along with its charger, likewise the phone. This is exactly how the human system works. Do not copy people or their style of relationship because it might not suit your partner. Always talk it out with your partner, this way you have opened the first gateway for your relationships.


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