Blue Funk- a life not to be joked about!

"Do you really know the meaning of depression?"
This was a question I left as a comment for one of my social media friend. He had posted several pictures of himself hanging out with friends and captioned it "Feeling depressed" and tagged some of his friends. People who commented before me were all commenting things like: Nice pics, cool, dope, and so on. He replied them with words like; thanks bro, I sight you. Now, nobody or probably some people noticed that this guy just said that he's feeling depressed. It got me wondering if he was really depressed or just making fun of the word, which was how my question originated.
I am not saying that he might be not be depressed but I am guessing he was just kidding with the word. I seriously hope he was just joking. There is a difference with just few minutes of getting mad at someone or something or being angry and being sad for a long time without any reason.

Depression, a mental illness seems to have swallowed and engulfed quite a number of people. It is not something to be played with or make a joke out of it. If you don't know what it really means, do not make joke out of it because it is not a joke. You do not know what it means or how it feels to lose interest in your favorite food, sports. the feeling of being so sad and realize that you cannot help it but remain sad without  a cause. The feeling when you are no more the you use to know.  The feeling that you are very worthless, that nobody likes you. The feeling of feeling guilty and blaming yourself for everything that occurs around you. The heartbreak of being referred to as  depressed. The anxiety and fear that results from thoughts of seeking for help when you know you are just so sick to avoid not being able to pursue your dream career. The feeling of being so weak and tired no matter the amount of rest you get. Having no thoughts of your own except the thought that ending your life will make people notice you exist, will make people have pity on your miserable life. That is fairly what depression is all about.

So, I don't see why people should take this as a joke or misuse the word. They are in complete misery, one that they didn't even ask for. They pretend to be okay but are dying each day and breaking down every minute that passes by. It is one hundred percent not their fault, it doesn't mean that they are weak. Some see being depressed as the victim's fault or as weak people. You are not in their shoes and you can't tell how and where it hurts them more. The main issue is that we are different in our looks, shape, skin color, and also biologically. Some have little- to- no resilience  to cope with life stressors and it overwhelms them even before they realize it has engulfed them. Some just can't help as they inherited the genes for depression and feel lonely. Others might have been abused or have a bad childhood memories which keeps haunting them as adults.

Nobody is above depression. It can strike who it wants to strike. I grew up thinking children and teens do not get depressed. FALSE! Children have a very little chance of getting depressed but it does not mean that they do not get depressed. Teens have a high chance of getting depressed just like adults. Do not neglect the signs or wave it as signs and characteristics of adolescence. It gets very tricky to discover when teens are depressed because most of the symptoms of being depressed and adolescence behaviors have some similarities. That is why you should look out for this age-group before they get caught up in the web of depression. They are quite young to experience the misery or become blue funk.
Adults have a larger percent of being depressed especially the women. Give them hope, make people know that life is worth living with them, and how much their lives means to people around them. They do not see it that way anymore but see their lives as a burden to people.
Save lives and not make a joke of a mental health just to amuse people.


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