Breaking Stereotypes or Being Different (2)

"The only time a woman made a woman a millionaire was making bringing him down from being a billionaire". "I want  girlfriend that when someone calls her she will introduce herself as my girl by calling my name first"The first one was a meme and the second was a post I happen to stumbled on my wall posted by friends. The funny thing is that people laughed about it, including the females. I happen to put  a comment on the first one' "this is doesn't make sense" and  I got a reply 'because you are one of them". I didn't bother replying back , because I noticed he was just one of the people who end up dwelling in ignorance; it does not make sense to correct him about it. I came across another one with the picture of a lady's finger putting on an engagement ring, and it read; This is what happens when you cook for your man and please him sexually. I didn't use the exact words used because of language usage. The post had many like and comments, none of them condemned it but rather loled at it. What is happening? The fact is that we had allowed the stereotypes to take control. Women as an object of sex appeal, extravagance life styles, desperate for marriage, and an owned property. What is the first meme trying to prove of women, that we barely work for ourselves and hope on men for our achievement. Sometimes, this is the case. Some ladies have made this their lifestyles, they want to slay at all time, fix the latest hair, eyelashes, and wear the latest designer clothes. In order to get all these, they had stoop so low to men and are willing to offer anything to get the money for their material needs. This single act cannot be used to judge all females, and regard us as materialistic. The second one was talking about loyal, and wanted a girl that will introduce herself by saying she is his girlfriend. This is more than being loyal, it's trying being control of her life, you want her to change her identity because of you. A relationship where one has to change his/her identity is not a healthy one. I believe and hope strongly that he does not find a girl that would be so naive to do that. The third meme was talking about the marriage stuffs. We live in a society where getting married is the order of the day. This makes many people rush into bad marriages and then start regretting it later. This is more seen in the ladies, some will do anything just to get married, and this has been accepted already into the society as the norm. This is the reason why someone had the time to write to the ladies, that the reason why they are not married is because they don't probably cook for their boyfriends, and please and satisfy them sexually. All these does not make sense! Who told you that, if you turn into a guys mother and house-help by cooking and doing his domestic works for him, and sleep with him on daily basis that you will end up as his wife. False!, I feel pity for the young growing girls, there will probably no one to tell them the truth. No one to tell them that all these things are stereotypes. No one to tell them that they can be their own boss without needing a man to accomplish it, and if they have a man by their sides; they can make him a better man. No one to tell them that they don't necessary need to change who they are because of just a random guy. That they can be married to the right man if they wish to get married if they do not become a mans house-help and a sex object. It does not matter if you become different because you are not the only one who have been there before. Ever ask yourself who made these things called norm? how did this practice start? Does it matter to be different? Well, I do; because some of these things are not right. People should be given the chance to live as who they are; rather than imposing what other people did because it worked out for them. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! DARE TO STAND OUT! 


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