Don't be Scared Baby, You've not been forgotten- Feminism

Feminism both as a word and as an action has not found favor in the eyes of many. Most people believe it is the reason that most people are living their marriage; they believe that our grand mother's generation did not believe in feminism and that is why their marriage lasted. As I just finished typing this last line, I had mixed feelings. It makes me wonder how dumb people can be. Who told you that your grandma did not get divorced because they didn't believe in feminism?  We all wake up one day and believe whatever we are being fed with. Some years ago in some parts of Africa, feminists were called ogbanje (evil spirit/possessed).
Although today they are not treated to that extent again, but still they are not believed to be normal people.  Feminism is just the movement that proclaims the equality of women and men socially, economically, and politically. Most women and females believe in this, but because of the labels attached to it, the social stigmas associated with it, they have rejected the term feminism. I have seen females when talking are like; "I am not a feminist but I believe that women should get equal pay like men". I literally get confused here;  I am like so what is feminism all about or who is a feminist then? This is because this is one of the things feminists talk about and preach about, and you just said the same thing and still say I am not a feminist. If you are not a feminist then do not complain about the gender inequality because that is exactly what feminists do, and yet you deviate yourself away from it. Most times I look at them and at the society, I just feel like it's not really their fault. Feminism has a bad image in the society because of the portrayals of the media, so no one wants to be portrayed as someone with a bad image.

Catherine Seipp saw it all when she wrote You've Lost your Way, Baby-feminism. What if she was right? will changing the term for equal rights between both genders from feminist to another word change the problem. I decided to ask someone close to me-a family member on her opinion about being a feminist. I started out like these:
Me: What do you think about being a feminist?
Family Member: I don't know, but I know that I am not one because I don't like it.
Me: Wow, that's interesting. So what do you not like about feminist; what do you think about them?
Family Member: I think that they are all lesbians and disgusting.
Me: How did you know that? (in a surprised tone).
Family Member: Well, that is what everyone thinks.
Me: Do you agree for same pay for both men and women
Family Member: Yes! of course.
Me: are you in support of equal treatment of women and men?
Family Member: Yes
Me: And you think that you are not a feminist? What do you know feminism is all about then?
Family Member: They are worse than women just fighting for equal rights.

I ended the discussion there. This is the reason why most young women reject the notion or the label of being a feminism. people think feminism is the new F-word, making young women think the word is just too strong. One of my friends sent me a message on my Facebook after I posted a video of a man seriously abusing his wife physically and condemned the notion that women should learn when to call it quit in marriage; they should not also believe that remaining in an abusive marriage is better than being single. He sent me a message; "are you a feminist?". I laughed and replied "yes"; he asked me back again; "so you hate men that much?". I already knew where he was implying. The notion that all feminists are lesbians, and man-haters.
This was exactly what my relation I discussed with was saying. She believed in equal rights but thinks feminists are way off the discussion but the thing is  that

It is just the radical notion that women are people too and not objects. 
The truth is that some feminists are lesbians and man-haters but we forget that there are some who do not believe in feminism that are lesbians and man-haters. If feminists are classified as lesbians, what will the gay men be classified as then?  It seems unfair that because one is a feminist and happens to deviate from the sexual appeals of the majority group in the society, that all feminists are also like that. This has discouraged a lot of young women from associating themselves with the word

 Most have really given up on feminism; they believe the fight has been over, that feminist has been forgotten. I have a different opinion from this; I believe that feminism has not been forgotten. There are people out there who still believe in it and have not yet given up on it, and one more thing, 

Yes, I am one and am not ashamed of it. I believe strongly in what I stand for and I do not care about the labels. 


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