Don't Worry, You are not alone

Once in a while in our various lives, we experience some challenges, difficult problems or life stressors. We see ourselves get worried and anxious over it. Sometimes, we get to think that we are the only one with the biggest and most difficult problem in the world. The truth is that we are not the only one facing such things or undergoing through tough times. Life is not a bed of roses. One is bound to experience some difficult times in life, the issue is how you handled it; that is why one must be strong at such times. Remember to bear in mind that whatever your problems are, there are people out there with the same problems and challenges, and some are even facing more challenges and problems than yours. Do not allow these challenges to overwhelm you. A few years ago, my legs were hurting a lot. I was so bothered by it, it always made me sad. I wondered why my legs were always hurting while that of my friends are good, why should it be me? out of everybody in the world, why did it chose me? Numerous questions with no one to answer them for me. They all got answered the same day when I met a homeless young boy with one leg amputated and the other disfigured. I took a look at my leg and muttered; am sorry lord. Yes, of course, I was really sorry. Here I was, being ungrateful for having two good legs while he had only one leg which was disfigured. I promised myself never to get angry again because of the leg pain that comes once in a while. I felt so sorry that I felt I could lend him my leg to use for some minutes. What baffled me was the way he smiled as he crawled on the floor begging for alms. If you still having doubt that you are the only one with your kind of problem, try telling someone about it. You will hear something like; Oh! my friend had the same thing, my neighbor had the same thing, Oh! I had the same thing or I know someone that had the same thing too. Are you thinking that just because you lost your spouse, parent or child, or that you can't pay all your bills or afford money for your college that your case is the worst, or that you are alone and get yourself depressed? I know a certain man of God(name withheld) who lost all his family in a car accident within a twinkle of an eye. Guess what? He is still living, and not depressed or thinking of suicide.My friends and I were discussing a long time ago, and one of them complained that she was always so bothered by things and that made her think a lot. As we discussed further we found out that each of us has had similar experience too. The funny thing is that each of us thought that it was just only us that have had such an experience; but when we shared our stories, we knew better. Most people are like us. It is normal to think so, but the different is that now you are aware that you are not alone and so there is no need to worry. There is no need thinking a lot, or getting yourself depressed over such issues.The more one ruminates over their problems, you will find out that it looks like there is no rescue or hope. The truth remains, there is.  Speak positivity to yourself and into your life. Good luck!!!


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