Ignoring the Unknown of Known

Growing up, I can remember clearly trying to speak another language with my siblings when putting up some home plays. We do this by mimicking stuffs that does not make sense and interpret it in our own way. This always amuses me whenever I remember it. Language is something I have grown up to see and acknowledge as a very powerful tool, and respect so much. I really thought that I knew much about language until few days ago. I was with one of my friends who is from Africa but not Nigeria; I excused myself to go pick something up from another building in my school and come back quickly in order not be late to where we were originally going to. On returning, she was on the phone with a family member and she was speaking her native language and not the regular English we usually conversed with. Now, you might be wondering what was so special about the call or the language that I am narrating it here. The fascinating thing about the call was the words she spoke were the same ones my siblings and I imaginary spoke as little kids. I had lived my life thinking that I know most things about language, have I been proven wrong just know? Yes, I have been proved wrong,  I was ignorant of the remaining part I had to learn about language. Mine might be language, yours might be less than or greater than language. The thing is you allowed yourself to get too familiar with it to the extent of ignoring it. There is absolutely nothing on earth that one has the full knowledge of, do not allow your excess familiarity with things make you ignorant of gaining some possible knowledge.


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