It's Fine! Keep Going

Have you ever seen a little baby about eleven months old who recently started walking and is still learning how to climb the stairs? If you haven't seen one yet; close your eyes and imagine a scene like that.

This is what it looks like. It's everything you can think about right? It's amazing, inspirational, funny, lovely.
     They do this even though they know their capabilities; they know that they can not climb it but they also know that they have to keep climbing. Most times, they are scared out of their wits but they know that for them to be able to climb it like others they ought to keep trying.
     We were all like this at one point in time, we never gave up as kids. We persevered in learning all that was required for us to learn as we grow up. What happened to that attitude? Why do you keep thinking of quitting?
      I understand that things can really get tough for some people, and I might not be in their shoes to understand. But I know what it means to be so frustrated to the point of quitting. I know what it means to feel like giving up. The thing is we can't allow circumstances to determine what we are going to do. We can't allow our flesh to determine and control our journey of life. It is hard I get it  but please do not forget that no journey of life is easy. The road is tough and you might bleed on the way but it is going to worth it if you do not dream of giving up on your dreams. Learn to remove the thought of quitting, the thought of giving up from your dictionary.  No, nobody is going to judge you even though it feels like you are messing up. Remember that you can fall seven times but your fall is not important, all that matters is did you get up or did you chose to remain there.
   My young little cousin once asked me a question when I told her to get something done. At her age she was already scared of failure, she asked me "what if I fail again?" with fear of failure in her eyes. I looked down at her, I was surprised at first though. So I smiled at her and replied , "No, sweetie. I am not asking you to be perfect in it because I understand So even if you fail in it, it's fine because you know what? Failure is not really a bad thing. It is just telling you that the method you used is wrong and you should try doing it another way. The only time it becomes a problem is when you refuse to try again just because you failed the first time that you tried. So go on and do it sweetie. Get  it done. you got this." She did it again and got it. I could feel how proud she was of herself as she kept tapping me and saying, "Look I did it" continuously.
     She might just be a little girl but it is similar to what happens in today's world, in our various lives.  You feel like you should give up because it is not going your way. No, It's Fine! You are Doing Great, Just Keep Going. You can not give up or turn back.  'Remember to bear always in mind that no matter what you are experiencing now, your end is very pretty"; so you have to get to that finish line. Learn to know that you are just going to move on your own pace and stop comparing yourself to others. It will keep influencing your thinking that you are not doing it right. The human mind is very tricky. Please just keep going. Winston Churchill, the prime minister of United Kingdom from 1940-1945 and 1951-1955 said, "if you are going through hell, keep going". What else are you are waiting for to keep going? Embrace your failure and move forward!


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