Labeling, a short word or a phrase used to describe certain group of people or persons has more of a huge effect on people than just the short word itself. We live in a world where most people are identified with a label or so; where they are considered deviant of the societal norm. People are deviant of the norms in many ways like in appearance, behaviors, and /or opinions of certain group of people. When they become deviant of the norms, they are then labeled by the society according to the social construction of the society. Once they are labeled, they are treated somehow and most times discriminated by the society. They are being discriminated not because they committed an offense, but because they chose to create their own identity by being different and unique. They chose to create not to follow the norm , they chose to break the stereotypes of the society, the social construction that was made selfishly by the majority group to satisfy them. They become stigmatized for creating their own identity. How can one because he is not dressed like the so called way a gentleman is supposed to dress be labeled  a thief. What if he is not? What if that is just what he loves to wear? Just because he is wearing a hoodie and a sweatpants or a baggy pants does not mean he is a bad guy. It does not mean that he must be a criminal or  a drug addict. I have actually witnessed this before; we pulled in to the parking space of a store. I had gone with the older women in my family and as we were about to come down from the car, this African-American guy was passing by and he waved at us; I waved back. After he had gone, the older women asked me why I waved back that I was supposed to know that he is just one of the alcoholic and drug addicts or even one of the criminals in the city. Curiously I asked, "did you know him? Have you seen him before?" I already know why they taught so though. They replied, "we don't need to see him doing it to know" I asked so how did you know? They replied "can't you see the way he's dressed?" I replied.  he is just putting on a hoodie and a sweatpants.  I was dumbfounded, this innocent guy has just been labeled  a criminal by my own family just because he was wearing a hoodie and a sweatpants which I personally love so much. So this last week, I was putting on a hoodie and a sweatpants and I happen to remember this incident and laughed. So according to them and how they judge people; I must be a criminal, an alcoholic and probably a drug addict which happens that I am neither of those things. The ignorance in labeling. I also fell a victim of labeling online. A friend of mine put up a post shaming an ex-beauty queen that got blackmailed and had her sex video leaked . He was criticizing her for practicing lesbianism. I commented that she shouldn't be punished that much and depressed over a leaked video. everybody makes mistake, next time she will be careful not to allow her videos to be leaked and beware of people that she trusts.  An argument started on why people should stop mocking her, my friends were saying that she committed  a huge crime which was practicing sex with the same sex. As I tried making them understand why she should left alone that it's her life; I was called a lesbian. Their reason was because they believed that only someone who is a gay supports a fellow gay. So that was how I was labeled a gay. I wonder if it was the norm not to support the minority in the society and i just broke it; i was deviant of the societal construction. I am guessing that I should have followed the majority by mocking someone over her own life and  choices they make in their life. No, say no to evil and what is unfair; in life sometimes one need to stand out of the crowd and make their own decisions based on their feelings.
Labeling has it's own effects on the victim. Labeling leads to self-fulfilling prophecy. This makes one to change their behavior because of the label given. Label one a criminal because he is wearing a hoodie, he will probably start engaging in criminal act; label a girl lesbian because she is a tomboy, she might start practicing it out too. 


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