Loving the right way

    Oh yes! It's valentine day and I grew up knowing it was a day you show love. I have also been receiving valentine's messages from people and as well sending to people too. My timeline is full of love messages and valentine's wishes. It got me thinking what's up with this February 14th? I learnt it was about a man known as Valentine who gave up his life for his friend. So that is why they show love on this day. I do not know if you have another story about the origin of valentine's day. Whatever you have heard, they all sum up to showing love to people.
     The thing is people show love to people only on valentine's day and the other day they don't care about your feelings. Why start something you will not continue? Why do you pretend to be something that you are not? I wrote something on my snap-chat "if people treated everybody like they do on the valentine's day, the world will be a better place to live in" I received affirmations from people, "yes that's true" "True talk".  This means we all know these things but I don't know if we pretend not to know or assume not to know, or we are just too lazy to put it into action.
 A friend of mine told me  about her encounter on a valentine's day with someone. She said she went into library to do some work on the computer. She didn't see any free one, only the one under the A.C. So she sat down and started working when she noticed the person near her was getting up to leave. She told her please I am going to stay there if you are leaving now. The young lady replied "Okay, sure." She got up to sit down just then another girl pushed her out of the seat and sat down. She said she looked surprised and quietly sat down where she sat before. A few minutes later she asked the girl " hello, didn't you see me sitting about to sit down or should I say almost siting down there".  The girl replied "yes but you are already sitting down , so why are still complaining?" She said she was so mad she wanted to push her down the chair and take her position back but changed her mind because it was valentine's day.
So now my question is why will she spare her because it was valentine's day? Is it because it is a day one is supposed to show love? So on a good day she would have pushed her down because it is not a love day. We should learn to treat our everyday like it is a valentine's day. Show love to people regardless of whether they reciprocate it or not. It does not really matter. What matters is you as a person showed love to people. Love conquers all. Imagine the scene that was aevoided in that library because it was a love day; imagine the scenes that would have been avoided if people traeted everyday like a love day.
Happy Valentine


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