NO! ( Expectations vs. Realities)

"No" is a very known word that means or signifies ones disagreement to something. It's so common that even a two-year old is well familiar with it. I can remember my baby cousin started saying it when she was just one; actually it was among the first five words she learnt how to say in her life. No is a word initially meant to illustrate a person's disagreement to something or an issue or give a negative response or answer to a decision. This is the normal thing expected when one says no to something. Now, things are not really the same. The reality of the word, "no" is different from the expectations of the society especially when it comes to gender cases.  The reality is different in the sense that "No" now means "yes" and "yes" means "yes"; this is more likely seen and interpreted for the females. We live in a society that now disregards a lady's no; a society that does not give a lady a chance to disagree to something. This is not fair and right. We live in a society when a girl turns down an approach for sex by a guy; the guy is entitled to make a move because she said no but her answer is yes. A society where a lady's "no" is changed to yes when it comes to sex by guys; how in the world did they figure out that she said yes when she just bluntly said no to the request? How did no become yes? Is it because she's a lady or because some people just can't control their lust?  I was chatting with a group of friends, one of them asked a question, "If your date says no to sex when you approach, do you persist or just let her go cos she really is not interested." Most of the guys said they will persist because she does not really mean it. The funny thing is that I happen to be the only person in shock; I happen to be the only girl who was against and spoke against it. The females seemed like they were okay with it by just laughing over it.

We have advanced so much that we now tend to change the meaning of words to our own leisure and benefits. A word which once signifies a negative reply or a disagreement with one no more exists for some gender.
Is this really among the progress we are pursuing in life? I don't know, What about you?


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