In life sometimes, we need to be  the ones to motivate ourselves because we know ourselves more than anybody else. An African proverb says, "It's only an injured person that knows where it hurts more than anybody else". Sometimes we fin d out all we need is to motivate ourselves, we are the solutions to our own problems. Sometimes we don't really need to search for motivational quotes, speech or books to be positive about life or learn about it either. Sometimes what our body and mind wants is for us to tell ourselves enough is enough to get through tough times and not waiting or searching for an interesting inspirational/motivational speech to get to work. We often at times forget that these motivational and inspirational speakers are humans too; they are liable to mistakes because they are not even perfect.

I heard these two different quotes from two different inspirational speakers on about a particular subject. The first one said that a wise man listens to the wise to get wiser and avoids listening to the foolish to prevent being foolish too while the second speaker said that a wise man should not only listen to the wise men but also listen to fools in order to know how they behave and think to avoid doing the same.

Seriously I don't know which one is more accurate but what I know is that they are talking about the same thing; how a wise man should or is expected to behave. So lets assume that you reading this, is the wise  man, which one of the quotes will you take? This is just an example of what I mean by being your own motivator sometimes in life. You know yourself so well; so you should be able to apply something that will suit your lifestyles, personality, and behavior. Sometimes try to be you and do things that will suit you.


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