The Trumping Spirit

The last election of the United States of America that happens to be a huge surprise and shock to people left a lesson for all. The election which caused chaos for some weeks because of the two candidates involved:
A man who believes that he alone can change America and make it great again, even if it means changing the rules and depriving some people their benefits.
Secondly, a woman who thinks believes that everybody deserves an opportunity and their opinion, and believes that America will be great when everybody comes together.

In as much as I wanted the lady Hillary Clinton to win the election; I wanted to be able to tell my little nieces that even as a woman they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, and that everyone are equal and should be treated so regardless of skin color, race, religion, and sexual preferences . I wanted to be able in the future when addressing young girls to tell them how a woman made America great. I wanted so much to see the first woman president of America; I wanted to prove to my male friends that a woman can be able to lead America very well and probably do better than her male predecessors. Things didn't end up quite how I had expected it to end during the election. The media gave us so much hope and ended up crashing it so much. I guess I understand the chaos that happened days after Trump's winning, I understand the fear that had encapsulated the        anti-Trump group, the devastation they fell into after the announcement of trump as the winner of the election that fateful night. After the in-person Electoral College voting that took place on December 19, 2016 that Trump won against Clinton again. It became so obvious to me that the next president that will soon be sworn in to the White House is going be Trump. 

My mum called me after that, we discussed the outcome of the election and what may the results of his leadership. She left me a note that I picked from the entire story. She told me this; " Listen, even though Clinton didn't win the election and Trump won just like he said that he will never lose the election. I want you to learn something from it; its how to be determined in whatever you are doing. Do not waver but believe that you will get to the finish line. The media called Clinton a winner but Trump never gave up, he had that spirit of never giving up, the spirit of determination. This is the kind of spirit you should have as you go through life." 

After this conversation, I looked through Trump's life, he might be radical but one thing I found out is that he believes that he can never lose and it has seen him through his life and led him to the White House.  There is no need crying over spilled milk; it's time we get used to seeing him now as the to-be-president of the United States of America.  We should instead now focus on what got him to that place where he is now.
It is a new year, a fresh start for most people. This new year, it will do you good for you to start it with the trumping spirit- the never giving up spirit and the determination spirit. You ever wonder why a baby learning how to walk falls severally but keeps trying? That is the spirit we were all born with but we lose it as we age. Do not lose it forever, find it and make it yours forever and you will see yourself prosper.


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