Tips to know that you are in a Wrong Relationship

Being in a relationship can be a good and an awesome thing, but only if you are in a healthy one. it is a nice feeling to know that there is someone always there for you. There is someone to talk to when your day is good or bad, someone to hang out with, someone to have fun with and love. This feeling can turn sour if you are in the wrong relationship. Most people fall victim of wrong relationships, and end up being bitter/sour. Sometimes, it makes them decide not to have any relationships or have  anything to do with that gender.

 There are tips/signs to recognize when in a wrong relationship; these signs are so obvious that when neglected can cause heart ache.
         Below are the signs to recognize:
Lack of Communication- when your partner does not always communicate with you, you always have to hit him/her up in order to start a conversation. This is a red flag when in a relationship. people who really care for each other, and are in a relationship should make it a point of duty to communicate with one another. Some use the excuse that they are busy when confronted on the issue. Well, if you are too bust to text your partner, you should be too bust to play with their hearts too. 
      Still on the communication matter, when you text your partner and they reply after two days; you need to be careful how you tread. If they do it once, it can be ignored, but twice means that they don't care about you. This is because if they do care about you, they won't leave you waiting for three to one week to reply your messages. my cousin told me how her friend complained that her boyfriend was taking days and weeks to reply her messages, and give her flimsy excuses when he replied. He left a month later. If only she didn't ignore the signs. Be wise and excuse yourself out of the relationship smiling than hurt.

If He/she always questions your whereabouts and people you hang out with- This is most common among guys. trying to know where you went to and you hang out with can be a sign that one cares about you, but doing it in excess is an early sign of abuse. They are showing that they are in control of life, which they are not in. You've had your life long before you met them, and they can't control it now.

Relationships is all about sacrifice, the two people involved in relationship should be ready to sacrifice for one another. When you find out that you are the only one that sacrifice, or your partner makes you alone sacrifice in your relationship to make sure it works. He does not care about the relationship. If they do, the sacrifice should be made mutual between the two people, since relationship is a mutual thing. It shouldn't change who you are entirely, but can make a little amendment in who you are. This is because your partner should love you for who you are in the first place.

If they always want to meet with you in secret- if your partner always likes to hang out with you in secret, be careful, chances are you are the side chick. He is probably cheating and playing with your mind and heart. Be wise not to fall so easily to their excuses to avoid heart ache.

If your Partner only tells you how much they love after giving them some expensive gifts- If he/she does not tell you how much you mean to them, but does so after getting  an expensive gift from you. I'll suggest that you run for the sake of your health because he/she does not love but they are only in the relationship because of the material things that you give to them. If they really love like you love them, they will never cease to tell you how amazing that you are, and always appreciate you with gift , or without gift.

If he/she does all of the above, which can be rare; you need to call it a quit.
I hope that you find this helpful in analyzing your relationships. GOOD-LUCK!


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