You are still allowed to dream

       I came across Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk- your body language represents who you are. I learnt a lot from it which helped me not just in my public speaking class but will keep helping me even till tomorrow. She made emphasis on how you address people and they listen to you. She talked about the power poses that help you gain confidence when addressing your audience but that is not what I am here to share with you today. Although I will advise that  you check the ted talk out or the transcript if you are not the visual type. What I am here to share with you guys is one of the statements that she made towards the closure of  her speech. she said this, "And so I want to say to you, don't fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it. Do it enough until you actually become it and internalize" (Amy, 19:14).  Yes, she said it. She wants you to know that faking till you make it is no more allowed; you can fake it till you become it because you allowed to. You can't sit down and conclude on your dreams. You can not give up on the dreams because it seems like you can not reach it. you are allowed to dream and not only dream but you are also allowed to become it no matter how high it is.

         Allow me to tell you about the story of my grand mother who had only girls which was close to a taboo in her days in my country Nigeria( West Africa). During her days male sons were valued more than females, and she had not even a single one. Male sons were considered wealth and so they were allowed to go to school while the females were seen as nothing but liability. So they didn't send them to school, in other words, females -no education while boys-education. Sending a girl to school was seen as a waste of money because she was assumed to be married off and her dowry( money paid to marry a girl in some pats of the world) would not probably cover the amount that was used in training her through school. My grand ma decided that her girls would not be limited by some social constructions that does not make sense. People jeered at her and laughed at her and her girls. They suggested that she marry them off at age 12. She insisted on training through school each and every single one of them; people including her friends and family told her she was reaching too high and dreaming too much for some bunch of girls which might go wayward later in the future. What I know is that, that woman was believing, she told her girls not to slack. They faked it till they did not only make it but became it. Hahaha! These girls that were suggested not to go to school and will go wayward are now graduates in their various fields with one of them a Phd degree holder  and doing well in each area of their field more than their mates who they grew up with.

          So, remind me again why you think that your dreams are too high for you? Who told you that where you are is more than your class? Who is telling that you don't worth that position? You have not given it  a chance? Tell me any great man who didn't have dreams bigger than them.

     Permit me to tell you that about the 44th president of America, the first African-American president of America. Let me tell you that his becoming a president was not  a mistake, it was not a miracle neither was it a magic. It was a dream that he fired from childhood that brought flames to him now. He once was told off by his white teacher when she was asking them what they wanted to be in the future. He was told off because as the others were saying social worker, lawyers, doctors, the little Barack said the PRESIDENT of United States of America. Trust me when I tell you that when he said these words, any body who heard it will think that he was pulling some jokes. It is a very strange thing, in a land where the majority were white. Who is going to allow him into the white house? But he didn't think about it as having too much dreams. he taught about it as just what he knows he is going to achieve. He faked it till he made it as the senate of Illinois and kept faking it till he became the 44th president of America

          So I tell you that you are still allowed to dream dreams, no matter how high it is. Do not allow people to tell you that you are reaching too high. Dream and work toward it, claim it all the way by putting in work until it works out but until then keep faking it till you become it.


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