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My problem with the Media

The media which started in the nineteenth century with the invention of the telegraph seems like it is doing more bad than the good it was originally meant for. The media has played a role in affecting and influencing what people will believe in. The media plays a role in communicating information to the world; most people rely on the media to possess knowledge of things that they do not have any idea on. The media is one of those technologies which seem to be in war with human. The war of survival. The media has taken away our source of livelihood, children no more play around with their fellow children rather they play with some invincible friends (the media). Friends no more have time for each other because they have found a new selfish person as friends (the media). We literally cannot live without the media, that is how bad it has gotten. 

Do not get me wrong, I am not an anti-media or something close to it. I am engulfed in media, let me explain; I published this work you a…