My problem with the Media

      The media which started in the nineteenth century with the invention of the telegraph seems like it is doing more bad than the good it was originally meant for. The media has played a role in affecting and influencing what people will believe in. The media plays a role in communicating information to the world; most people rely on the media to possess knowledge of things that they do not have any idea on. The media is one of those technologies which seem to be in war with human. The war of survival. The media has taken away our source of livelihood, children no more play around with their fellow children rather they play with some invincible friends (the media). Friends no more have time for each other because they have found a new selfish person as friends (the media). We literally cannot live without the media, that is how bad it has gotten. 

Do not get me wrong, I am not an anti-media or something close to it. I am engulfed in media, let me explain; I published this work you are reading through the media. I am on any social media platform you can think of from the unfamiliar 2go, to Tumblr, to Instagram, and to the very popular Facebook. The point is I live and dwell around media. I just texted my cousin right now through the media. I actually love the media, the reason is simple I can not stay without it. I have to call or text my family and friends. I have to check on my social media accounts to know what is happening and the latest gists. I have to watch the television to know what other rule Trump is changing. I have to do what I love doing more-blogging, or writing. All these things are all good and Nice, but there is a problem. I don't know about you, but I have a problem with the media personally. Should I say the social media or the mass media? Well, for now I will be discussing about the mass media. 
  The mass media which comprises of television, press, and newspaper are doing a very big job of passing information across to people. Here is my annoyance, they do not just pass the information, they mess with the information, they change the information, they manipulate the information before they give to us-the audience. They change it because they feel that is what the audience wants to hear and not need to hear. What about what we need to hear-the truth? Do they even think about us, if we are tired of hearing their lies and assumptions. For instance in the case of gender and racial issues the media has a strong role to play in it seemingly or not.

The television has made it and reinforced the idea of women to be seen as nothing much rather an object of sex, as people who will always need men by their sides to accomplish something in life. They do this from their commercials, to their shows, they objectify women. for example this advertisements for a beer has nothing to do with a woman's body but the mass media knows it is going to get attention, so a woman has to be represented with a can of beer. Yet, her boobs are used as something to objectify the beer by also referring to it indirectly as cans likewise the other picture which is an advertisement for a red tape shoe, the women are literally for sale.

The media does not only objectify women, but also has also made it look seem like all girls should be sexy. They made it seem like as a girl if you are not sexy no body is going to like you. Also, being exposed to images of sexually objectified women makes male viewers to allow and accept sexual harassment and rape myths.  The media has normalized not just to male viewers but to female viewers that a man is in charge of a woman's body which makes men more likely to assault a woman and think he just did a normal thing.  This is why I will accept a friend request of a guy or a man, and he will ask me for nudes or send his and ask for mine afterwards. Nonsense!!! The females on their own side has turned their life into a competition against their fellow females, not for intellectual success but for beauty and favor of men. They want to know who is going to be more sexier for men. It's like all we-females do everyday is to do our best to get a boy's attention. 

    You know there are children who are watching these things as they grow up. They assimilate it as they grow and take it to be the norm which is not. Dressing to look good is very nice, actually I believe in looking good, but when you go over board with things just to get a man's attention, I am not sure it worths it. I was watching a 2014 Disney movie with my little cousins few months ago, "How to build a better boy"  For those that have not seen it, it is about a girl who wants a boyfriend and ended up building one which is according to her a perfect boyfriend with her best friend. It is a funny movie not condemning it, but after watching that movie  and more like that, in years to come I see my little cousin trying her best to look sexy like the one the media has shown us in order to get a perfect boyfriend like the movies she has been watching when she was a younger. 

If you haven't noticed, start keeping record now, from the ads, commercials to the shows on the media about women and how the media  objectify women sexually and put men in charge of women. 

Mass media has not only reinforced the idea that women are sexual objects and weaker things but has also encouraged racial discrimination and racism in America. The truth is that racism in America gives wealth, it’s money so one can say that racism favors capitalism through the media. The media perpetuates racism because it is what the audience wants to hear, see, and believe.  I always say nobody likes hearing the truth because it hurts, we all want to hear something soothing which is not anywhere close to being true in any form. To the media especially the television networks, getting money is better than getting the truth out to the public. It will manipulate the information especially when it comes to race because that is actually what the public are expecting to hear, thereby reinforcing racism when promoting these stereotypes and prejudice. For instance when reporting crime, the media makes it look like the whole crime in America is committed by African-American/ Black man. This is not really the truth but this is what most people want to believe so they exclude most crimes committed by white criminals because it will not earn them money when it is aired. This simply encourages racial discrimination within people. It makes it more likely for Blacks to be categorized as criminals, or to be associated with crime. So for the other race, when a crime happens, all they will think about is a black male. It does not only link black people with a tendency to crime which already has worsen the problems of racism. It also increases the likelihood that whites will think of blacks as importing crime into the supposedly crime free neighborhood thereby discouraging black people from travelling and working in white neighborhoods at night. One does not wake up having these kind of thoughts, they obviously got the information from somewhere which happens to be the media.

The American news media has not only reinforced the fact that almost all Black men are associated with criminal acts, but also have also associated Blacks with different problems ranging from poverty, little or no education, low I.Q, urban decay, violence. The media is meant to be responsible for making changes in the society, but it has turned around to be doing otherwise. It has made it look like the stereotypes and prejudices against African-American/Black are the reality. The media influences ones thoughts, Imagine a young white child watching all these and listening to these false or biased information given by the media about Blacks; the child will automatically believe what he/she has seen on the news and broadcast. In the future, to that child all Blacks are less of a human who are known and categorized with all bad things which is not true to any extent but the false and bias news that was passed on by the media.

The media which we rely on and can barely stay a day without using it, without knowing most times convey ideas that will harm us emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is a great irony. It makes communication faster for us, we do not have to spend days travelling to get our message across, at the same time in that speed which it travels to convey our message is the speed it travels in conveying biased news. I strongly believe in change. Gloria Steinem said, "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." We will not stop dreaming for change because anything can be possible, our dreams about change is what will push us into working for a change. 


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