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Struggle for life

I am always amazed by the way we (Humans) love and cherish our lives so much. One thing that is certain in life is that every living thing must die one day and some day.  Death is a compulsory thing in this life. We can't escape it nor can we avoid it, yet we are so determined to fight it off. We take extreme measures to make sure we live. The health care system seems to be enjoying it more although that does not make them safe but they make profit out of our fear for death.

        A type 1 Diabetic patient injects insulin everyday in to their body. The thought of shots alone leaves my shoulder dropping. I don't know how they get that shots everyday; thinking about getting shots everyday makes me anxious for nothing. So in order to avoid that I cannot just eat frosted flakes in the morning, noodles in the afternoon and rice in the evening like I wanted to. I have to add vegetables and proteins to balance it out in my body. That way I do not have too much glucose in …

To My Backbone

Today is the 14th of May, 2017 which is marked as Mother's day. This means that I get to celebrate a special person today-My Mom. I could write numerous pages to express your tender love. I really appreciate you being my mom; I couldn't have asked for a better mom than you. If there is a next time mom, can I still be your daughter?

I really wanted to write a poem but I don't know how to write poems. I am really wishing I had taken my literature classes more seriously and paid more attention to my poems. 
You are like my backbone supporting my  lifeless body. Just like when the spinal cord gets damaged, the entire body gets paralyzed. When you are strong, it means that I will be strong.
When am falling down, you make sure that I am okay by taking the fall for me.
You are ready to become a servant in order to decorate me as a princess. You hide your sorrows and smile just to make sure that I am always smiling and happy.
You make sacrifices for me regardless of my selfishnes…

It's Contagious- Keep Smiling

Most of us were taught and encouraged to smile even when we are breaking down or dying emotionally. We were told to smile all the time and cover up our true emotions. I am not here to tell you that now. I believe that one should be able to express their true emotions, which includes cry when something calls for it and laugh so well when it calls for. At the same time, knowing that our mood can change that of someone near us is really necessary. Smiling is an action we do that does not take much to accomplish but just a few muscles. It is not necessary to be stingy with it because we never know we might be touching souls. We should rather encourage people with our smile.
          The single act of smiling can heal souls and make people’s day. Listen to the story that made me believe that smiling can be contagious.
Sometime last two months, I just came out of my second class in the morning. I was quite not a good mood because my test scores were not just what I expected it to be.…