It's Contagious- Keep Smiling

      Most of us were taught and encouraged to smile even when we are breaking down or dying emotionally. We were told to smile all the time and cover up our true emotions. I am not here to tell you that now. I believe that one should be able to express their true emotions, which includes cry when something calls for it and laugh so well when it calls for. At the same time, knowing that our mood can change that of someone near us is really necessary. Smiling is an action we do that does not take much to accomplish but just a few muscles. It is not necessary to be stingy with it because we never know we might be touching souls. We should rather encourage people with our smile.

          The single act of smiling can heal souls and make people’s day. Listen to the story that made me believe that smiling can be contagious.

Sometime last two months, I just came out of my second class in the morning. I was quite not a good mood because my test scores were not just what I expected it to be. It was just not my day that morning, my face was gloomy. I stayed up late in the night, started up with coffee. I forgot to bring in my home-work for my second class. To me I woke up in the left hand side (what my mom always say whenever one wakes up with gloomy face). So I was just walking tired thinking if I was going to go for the rest of my class that day. I didn’t imagine myself smiling any time close to that moment. Just then, I passed this girl and I do not even know her, but she gave me a broad smile. It was so broad that I just couldn’t help and I am very sure that I didn’t know when I smiled back. She walked pass me and said HI! I replied with a wave of hand still smiling. After she was gone, I turned back at her direction, I wondered what just happened. The amazing thing was that I was still smiling, that was when I realized that I have been smiling for the past five minutes. I was surprised and an idea popped in my head immediately; Smile it’s contagious.

            This might not be the case with you, but maybe in some ways you have experienced something like this. You might be wondering what just happened with me. I don’t even know this person or similar thoughts like that. Your answer is simple; what happened was you contacted a contagious diseases-smile, happiness. It does not take a degree to achieve that. It’s quite simple. You do not have to know the person to be able to put a smile on their faces. You never what just a smile might do. You might give someone hope for the day; you might show someone that they can still be loved. You might show someone that it’s okay to make mistakes and okay to fail. I did not know that girl but I can’t help but be thankful for that day. She gave me that smile when I needed it most. Since that day I try my very best to smile at people whenever I pass them especially if their face were so gloomy like mine. That does not include me covering up my pains with a smile. They are two different things apart. Please remember to smile 😊, it is contagious


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