Struggle for life

struggle for life: sandy desert in the North-East of Rostov region, the struggle for life

         I am always amazed by the way we (Humans) love and cherish our lives so much. One thing that is certain in life is that every living thing must die one day and some day.  Death is a compulsory thing in this life. We can't escape it nor can we avoid it, yet we are so determined to fight it off. We take extreme measures to make sure we live. The health care system seems to be enjoying it more although that does not make them safe but they make profit out of our fear for death.

        A type 1 Diabetic patient injects insulin everyday in to their body. The thought of shots alone leaves my shoulder dropping. I don't know how they get that shots everyday; thinking about getting shots everyday makes me anxious for nothing. So in order to avoid that I cannot just eat frosted flakes in the morning, noodles in the afternoon and rice in the evening like I wanted to. I have to add vegetables and proteins to balance it out in my body. That way I do not have too much glucose in my blood stream or stress my pancreas from making too much insulin to balance the excess glucose that are in my blood stream. So that in the future they do not get weak and tired of taking up my excess glucose or I have to get ready for those shots everyday. So I decided to mix my diets well with proteins. So I eat cornflakes with a little mix of frosted flakes in the morning. I eat my noodles with mixed vegetables and my rice with meat (red meat)

      I look at those eye-catching and salivary cooked red-meat as they  are being served getting ready to devour them and I am told all of a sudden that it correlates to heart diseases. I tend to ignore and pretend that I did not hear that and those scientists get angry. Now they are saying it correlates with cancer. They know that this will obviously make me stop eating it and it worked because I do not see myself eating it a lot whenever I crave for it. Of course I still eat it but once a while. I decided to start eating more of white meat which the health experts claimed was more healthy. I switched because I obviously did not want to die; I want to struggle for the life that might be taken away in an accident the next day. Who knows? Many people switched like me too. Demand for white meat increased in the market. The farmers who were annoyed we no more eat their hormone filled cows, goats and sheep e.t.c reared in a poor hygienic and confined spaces decided to raise more fowls. In order to that they decided to increase the hormones injected into those fowls. A one-week fowl looking so big can be sold for a reasonable amount of money. Words got out again; I am told white meat can make me resistant to antibiotics, and increase the risk of my death. Death!! Death? I can't run away from that you know? I was convinced with the saying, "Heavens help those who help themselves." I believed it  and started washed my meat  thoroughly, cooked and boiled my white meat thoroughly before eating it. Now they said the organic is the best. What if I don't have the money to eat organic meat every time.

     Then I noticed that I have to buy it at least once in a while and have faith that I won't die. It is the system, we have to fight for that life even when we know it has to end one day. It is understandable because we don't just do that because we want to. We think of our loved ones, their sorrows. We have gotten used to them that a life without them is still not formed. We do not want to leave them behind. We beg for time and keep struggling for life because that is all we can do.


  1. I like your post it is a nice thing to do for people going threw a crisi about to lose a loved one keep up the good work


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