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My Worst Nightmare

As a little child growing up,I have always noticed that people tend to be so scared of death more than anything else. I was curious and baffled why they cherished life so much when they do not even know how long it is going to last. I was amazed how far they can go just to preserve life. To me we are all going to die, so it just does not matter. I didn't understand the damages death could do; I was so ignorant of the powers death wielded. I can remember hearing the death of one of my aunt's and just ignoring it like I just heard nothing while my whole family were very sad at that moment. For a while I taught they were over-reacting. I can remember saying: "She's not going to wake up though even if we cried day after day" and the reaction that I got after that statement.

Years later, I asked about my aunt, it's been a while I saw her last I said. The reply I got was, the one that passed away years ago you mean? It dawned on me that I would never see her again…

My fears for my Forgotten Friend

I was going through my news feed and I just found out that the Igbos (a major ethnic group that base in the south east of Nigeria) living in the northern side of Nigeria where the Hausas( another major ethnic group that base in the northern part of Nigeria)  have been given a mandate to live the northern side before the 1st of October. The northern senators are giving their full approval for this mandate. I don't really know what this means but I am just sure of one thing. I am sure  that it means that the Igbos living  in the north will have to leave their source of livelihood and means of survival and come back empty-handed to a land which belongs to them and become paupers. I also know that if they fail to come back they might loose their lives. They will be slaughtered mercilessly.

      Ruminating on these thoughts: how those that had set up their business in the north are going to feel, what will happen if they refuse to leave their fortunes and come back to the south…