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Displaced Trust

It is so sad to see the government we elected and hoped for them to protect and provide for us turn against us. The same people who voted for and carried their banners around that will create a better world and bring us change are the same people that are rendering our fellow citizens homeless. The same government we entrusted all our hope and trust in ended up betraying us.  They are making us hopeless, homeless and jobless.   Nigeria is a county in the west of Africa, a land flowing with milk and honey. A land where we are so blessed and do not witness any kind of natural disaster. In the words of my very good friend, Chimee Adioha: “but it is also painful that the only disaster we acquire is from our fellow human beings, the terror melted upon us by humans like us.” Badia-East is one of the swamp areas in Lagos and was recently demolished by the Lagos state government. The only crime that they committed was poverty and their punishment was destroying the only shelter they had, des…

Silenced Victims

I woke up today and decided not to touch anything that will take me to the internet. In other words, I made up my mind to stay off my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my snap-chat and even my Whatsapp too. I have done it before for two weeks and so I decided to do it again; it's not going to hurt. That didn't work because I had to reply my friend's snap. We talked and chatted away our time. I had to cancel the whole plan and logged in to my Instagram and Facebook. I was tired of the whole thing again. I kept saying I want to write but I just really don't want to do any writing today. I want to watch television, if possible I want to watch the news. I logged in again into my Facebook again. I read a story on my time line. I was mad and furious. This was a real life story and not a fiction.  This annoyed me more, the fact that the nonsense that I just read was real.

She was going to the market and got involved in a situation where a man touched her mother's breast on…

A look into my crazy generation

I am going to the movies. Oh! what a nice feelings. It has been a long time since I went to the movies last; okay, fine it hasn't been that long but I just wanted to go though. So I get dressed up and I try to do one thing that I find so difficult and my face does not like. It is make-up, I love make-up so much but my face does not approve of it. What an irony right?  I also find it difficult because in as much as I watch many make-up you tube tutorials, I still do not know how they produce such an art on their face. So I just do the basic one that I think that it's quite easy and not too complicated. Now I was done with my make-up knowing fully well that my face is going to produce multiple acne the following days, but I did it anyway.

I was ready, now waiting for my ride to arrive. I decided to open my snap chat to view my friends snaps. I decided to do a few snaps with the popular snap-chat filter myself. I did take some and I eventually posted them. As I was taking a vide…