A look into my crazy generation

snap-chat filter

I am going to the movies. Oh! what a nice feelings. It has been a long time since I went to the movies last; okay, fine it hasn't been that long but I just wanted to go though. So I get dressed up and I try to do one thing that I find so difficult and my face does not like. It is make-up, I love make-up so much but my face does not approve of it. What an irony right?  I also find it difficult because in as much as I watch many make-up you tube tutorials, I still do not know how they produce such an art on their face. So I just do the basic one that I think that it's quite easy and not too complicated. Now I was done with my make-up knowing fully well that my face is going to produce multiple acne the following days, but I did it anyway.

I was ready, now waiting for my ride to arrive. I decided to open my snap chat to view my friends snaps. I decided to do a few snaps with the popular snap-chat filter myself. I did take some and I eventually posted them. As I was taking a video on my snap, I wondered what I was doing. I was basically staring into an app in my phone that has access to  my camera and taking a video; Not just that I was staring at my camera doing nothing . Sometimes I lip-sync into this camera or talk into the camera. It makes sense I am talking to my friend who will end up viewing the video and maybe text me: What are you doing? , you are crazy , that's funny or maybe not text me at all. On the other hand It seems crazy because I am literally talking and smiling to a camera. I am showing off my acne to the camera. I spend my time taking pictures and videos  on my Snap-chat. I wonder what my friends are going to think about my snaps. My online friends, some which I have never met actually. Some which it has been a while since I saw them.

I start wondering if it is just me but no it is not just me. It's not just Snap-chat, it's Instagram, it's Facebook , it's Whatsapp. It is the new trend. We pass our messages across to people by talking to a camera and we get the message immediately and understand if it was a shade meant for someone in particular. It is technology we have advanced. We now communicate by talking to the camera, or by chatting through it. We care so much for how many our online friends are, how many unfollowed us, how many likes we got and how many viewed our stories. It has been improved to online shopping. My crazy generation has made life so easy and intends in making it more easier. Good bye to personal contact with people and real friendship.

I long for the days when we all had friends, like real friends and not online friends which we do not even know we have most times  or exist in our friend list. Friends that when we hang out and we all have topics to share, and not be on the damn phone again checking our online friends and how many our recent pictures had. When we want to shop, we have personal contact with our cashier and the cashier with the consumer. Oh! What a lost days. Oh! What a crazy generation. We have lost the real definition of friendship, and I wonder if we will ever find it again.

I am not an anti-technology nor do I love a hard life. No I don't because I am a great fan of technology.

I just miss those days when everything were real. Our smiles and our tears were real and not just for likes. I miss those when we all feel very happy and not have low-self esteem because of how many likes we have or how many friends we have online. I wonder if we will ever retrieve it back


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