Silenced Victims

I woke up today and decided not to touch anything that will take me to the internet. In other words, I made up my mind to stay off my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my snap-chat and even my Whatsapp too. I have done it before for two weeks and so I decided to do it again; it's not going to hurt. That didn't work because I had to reply my friend's snap. We talked and chatted away our time. I had to cancel the whole plan and logged in to my Instagram and Facebook. I was tired of the whole thing again. I kept saying I want to write but I just really don't want to do any writing today. I want to watch television, if possible I want to watch the news. I logged in again into my Facebook again. I read a story on my time line. I was mad and furious. This was a real life story and not a fiction.  This annoyed me more, the fact that the nonsense that I just read was real.

She was going to the market and got involved in a situation where a man touched her mother's breast on purpose as his method of flirting. He instantly denied it when her mother got angry and questioned him. He rather started shouting that the woman was molesting and told her that he is not beating her up because she is an older woman. People gathered because they were making a scene and most men sided the man without hearing them her and her mother out. People concluded that she was a bitter woman and should not raise her voice at a man for any reason. Some advised her to stop doing her make-up while some advised she shouldn’t wear pants/trousers. She should dress like a mother.

I just could not comprehend the whole situation. I can imagine what she passed through and how she felt. I wondered what I would have done if it were my own mother. I got angry; I don't need to put my mother in the woman's shoe to be able to feel such an ignominious situation. It doesn’t have to be my mother for me to understand her anger. It can be anybody, but I had questions, tons of them. Why didn't they listen to the woman and her daughter to explain? Why did they have to side the man immediately? Why will the man touch the woman's breast to start with? Was the man sane? Why will they call her bitter when she was questioning a man for harassing her sexually? Now, this happens every day; she’s not the first woman to be harassed sexually by those thugs, and I am not quite sure that she will be the last. Most women have been sexually harassed the same way and when they tried to question were humiliated just like they did to this woman. They are silenced not to talk when harassed sexually.

They are forced to live with this lifestyles to the extent of normalizing it. There is no need to normalize sexual harassment, but that is how the society we live in has turned out to be. This does not just apply to older women but also to all women including young women. We pretend we do not know what just happened while we knew what just happened. He touched our boobs on purpose, he grabbed our rears on purpose but there’s nothing we can do. We are helpless because stopping and questioning the action means being insulted by the perpetrator and passers-by. What happened to our rights as human beings? What protection do we get from leaders who took an oath to protect all citizens? Why can’t we go to the market and buy whatever we want to but without worrying about what the guy across staring at us is going to do soon? Why do the way females dress be used to judge people’s crime? Questions, questions, and questions are all I have with the hope that one day there will be an answer or a solution.


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