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Lost in the middle of Nowhere

Sometimes, there are things and situations that we find ourselves in that we wish are not real. We tend to live in denial of it because that's the only way we believe to escape those situations. There are situations like that, situations like depression and anxiety. We just don't want to live with it because of the category it falls into. It is categorized as a mental illness. So no one wants to be identified with that, maybe because of the discrimination and stigma that are attached with it. We chose to act like it doesn't exist. We act like there is no such thing in the world especially in the black community. I have heard people saying, it's a white people's disease, or it is a rich people's disease when they feel like taking a break. No, it's not, it is not white people's diseases nor is it rich people's disease. It is not really a disease like chicken pox, HIV/AIDS, Celiac disease and so on. It is different, has to do with emotions and one'…