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Finding the Real You

Most at times we spend our precious, little time living other people's life for them or, we try to our lives the way others do. We do this forgetting that everyone is different and unique in their own ways. Okay, do not get me wrong; it is good to admire people's life and so on and even make them life mentors or role models. It's all good and fine. The issue here is that we wake up each day and just want to know what our neighbor is up to and kind of monitor their lives, get jealous and all worked up if need be about someone's life. Thereby forgetting that we haven't even checked our own life. We haven't made plans about our own lives rather we decide to be so engulfed with people's businesses while our life just moves fast away from us just like the second hand of a clock. There is no time for us anymore to evaluate our lives.  Decisions we make are based on the decisions of our friends or peers. We form our own opinions and interests based on that of oth…

What if.......?

What if everything we wanted just happens the way we want it to be? What if there was nothing like violence just peace? What if we didn't have the word, "Oppressor and victim"? What if we were all equal and received equal treatment? What if we didn't lose our loved ones? What if black people didn't have to riot for their rights? What if there was nothing like slavery? What if Africans are not painted as just poor, and undeveloped group of humans? What if women were not just seen as mothers but as humans? What if men were not seen as "money manufacturers? What if we taught men not to rape women? What if we see rape as a crime and not as the victim's crime? What if we treat everyone as we would treat ourselves? What if we understand that people with mental illness didn't wish that for themselves? What if we try to help those that are suicidal instead of looking for ways to judge them for trying to take their lives? What if we told the girl/boy next door that it is ok…