Finding the Real You

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Most at times we spend our precious, little time living other people's life for them or, we try to our lives the way others do. We do this forgetting that everyone is different and unique in their own ways. Okay, do not get me wrong; it is good to admire people's life and so on and even make them life mentors or role models. It's all good and fine. The issue here is that we wake up each day and just want to know what our neighbor is up to and kind of monitor their lives, get jealous and all worked up if need be about someone's life. Thereby forgetting that we haven't even checked our own life. We haven't made plans about our own lives rather we decide to be so engulfed with people's businesses while our life just moves fast away from us just like the second hand of a clock. There is no time for us anymore to evaluate our lives.  Decisions we make are based on the decisions of our friends or peers. We form our own opinions and interests based on that of others forgetting the most important question which is, "What do you/I personally like?" What is my real personality and not the one gotten from my friends and peers?

There might be difficulties in doing this because you might not what to be judged by people and maybe society. Let me tell one obvious truth, "You cannot please society". It's like that and it can't be changed and not everyone will like you. Even if they do...I doubt if it is even possible. So instead of trying to imagine what will happen when you stop pretending to be who you are not, try pleasing yourself first.  Try considering yourself first. Find out what you really love doing, what makes you more happy. Try to learn yourself first before learning others. Write down things if you might forget and go back to them. Living someone's life will not make you as happy as living as You.  It might be hard but starting from somewhere will make a huge progress. Stephen Richards said, “Whatever it takes to find the real you, don't be daunted if the rest of the world looks on in shock.” People are definitely going to talk but trading your happiness for people’s opinions seems like the worst decision to me. Learn to embrace and acknowledge yourself. It takes a little courage but it is worth it all.

Do not be discouraged and don’t slumber in finding the real you. When you find the real you, mold and create yourself to the actual person you want to be. You will be happier, more confident, and have higher self-esteem.


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