What if.......?

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What if everything we wanted just happens the way we want it to be?
What if there was nothing like violence just peace?
What if we didn't have the word, "Oppressor and victim"?
What if we were all equal and received equal treatment?
What if we didn't lose our loved ones?
What if black people didn't have to riot for their rights?
What if there was nothing like slavery?
What if Africans are not painted as just poor, and undeveloped group of humans?
What if women were not just seen as mothers but as humans?
What if men were not seen as "money manufacturers?
What if we taught men not to rape women?
What if we see rape as a crime and not as the victim's crime?
What if we treat everyone as we would treat ourselves?
What if we understand that people with mental illness didn't wish that for themselves?
What if we try to help those that are suicidal instead of looking for ways to judge them for trying to take their lives?
What if we told the girl/boy next door that it is okay to love anybody?
What if we are not so hypocritical?
What if we judge people less and love more?
What if we tell the woman/man living across the streets that she/he doesn't have to endure the beating from her/his husband/wife because of the views of the society?
What if we told her/him that her/his life is more important than that marriage?
What if we decide to be our true selves and stop pretending?
What if we decide to check what we tell people and the words we use?
What if we didn't discriminate people regardless of the differences?
What if we raise children according to their abilities instead of expectations of gender?
What if ............?  


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