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When Humans Becomes LAW!!!

We have the judicial system and laws in our country to help regulate society, guide people, and prevent people from harming and hurting others. This doesn’t mean that people don’t go against these systems and laws - they do - but it also helps to determine the consequences that seem fit for their crimes. This helps a lot in maintaining order and reducing chaos in the society.

The officers of the law (police officers) play a major role in maintaining order, and they are the ones who are in charge of handling those who deviate from the law. The people or the mass public do not need to take laws into their own hands by handling the offenders or deciding to do the job of the police officers. Doing that is known as ‘jungle justice’ where I come from.

Jungle justice in Nigeria can be seen as the capital punishment meted out by group of individuals without any kind of legal power or authority on a criminal ‘suspect’. The rate of jungle justice in Nigeria has become very alarming and it is g…