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Thinking out aloud

So, I haven't been writing like I used to; maybe it's writer's block, stress, no time, trying to figure out my purpose for writing, or all of them together. 
I don't know if I am back yet, or going to stop again, but the most important thing is that today, I just feel good, I feel like writing and I feel motivated to type on my keyboard again. 
I have things on my mind, a lot actually. I have a lot of questions on my mind too. 
I am a young girl, who has crazy thoughts, dreams and hope. That is all I know about myself. Everything else are based on what I was told. Some say that I have a voice, then I saw myself as a medium to voice things out. Some tell me that I am someone who asks questions, then I introduce myself as someone who asks questions and very curious. Some say that I am a feminist when I talk, then I identified as a feminist. Feminist!Feminist? I have been questioned about that word a lot, I have been told a lot of things about that word, I have been dismisse…