The Reality

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What if I told you that we all live in a fictitious world? Okay, allow me to rephrase that, what if I told you that we are all living a fictitious life?

Now, you might be wondering what I am talking about, or probably also wondering what I meant by that. 

What I meant is very simple. We are all living in a world where almost everything is fake and all manipulated. We are living a fake life. We have been doing so for a long time that we have actually forgotten who we used to be. We have no clue anymore who we really are. We don’t know what is real anymore.

We live in a society where we no more have the freedom to be ourselves. We hide our true selves just because the society has created and fabricated this particular way of living, and we accept it to be true without questioning it. So now we have become scared of breaking barriers, stereotypes and whatnot. We become scared of being “us”. We deny ourselves just to please the “society”.

We have unintentionally created a system, a world, a society where personal opinions and views do not matter anymore. We, by ourselves have banned the idea of people voicing things out even if they are saying the obvious truth. We do not want the truth because we have come too far to accept it. We made a society where we can’t say our opinions and will not allow anyone else to say theirs either.  We have accidentally created a very selfish, weak and false life for ourselves and it seems very okay to us.

We have created a fake life in the sense that we do not want to know what is happening around us anymore either. For example, the fact that the rate of rape in India has become so alarming, the fact that there are many children living and dying in poverty, or that the fact that child marriage still takes place, or even the recent case of slavery in Libya and so on. It’s not ignored because we don’t care but because we will rather believe that there is no such thing happening or there’s nothing that can be done about it. It’s too sad and inhumane most times so we have manipulated our minds not to get interested in these kind of things. 

We have manipulated our mind so much because we just do not want to believe that people still undergo through such primitive acts and sad conditions. We would rather get our mind to yearn for the new D.C or Marvel movies and even argue about it.  We do not want to believe that people are dying every day because of poverty and lack of healthcare. We have created a barrier between us and reality. We don’t know what is real anymore.

Isn’t it time we wake up folks? Isn’t time we start breaking all these barriers and stereotypes? Isn’t time we come back to reality? Isn’t time we speak up and also allow people to own their opinions and learn from them? When are we going to stay “woke” about the happenings around us? Isn’t it time yet for us to know that we are “us” and not society? Isn’t it time to we be true to ourselves?

For me, I think it’s a little bit late but we can start from somewhere. So it’s time and the time is NOW!!!


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