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What They Told us

The recent movement online popularly known as the #metoo has helped to enlighten many who happen not to be aware of the high rate of sexual harassment and rape. This will make you wonder how many people walking around you are actually rapists. It is not written boldly on the face and they do not go around introducing their selves as rapists. The guy in suit sitting next to you might have had sex with his date without her consent which makes him a rapist. Most men are beginning to evaluate their selves and checking if they had raped someone before in the past before without knowing it. So this means without this movement, most men without knowing have been raping women. This is very disturbing but I am more thrilled and curious why that would be so. I am curious why most of the victims of the #metoo movement were women. Does that mean that no male has been sexually harassed, violated or raped? That is a big NO. So, why are more men likely to rape their date or why is there few or no ma…