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Stronger than You are

We all have that moment when it seems like everything is just not working out. It seems like you don’t even have control of anything happening in your lives anymore. You have just left everything to fate and the universe but it seems like your own fate and the universe are conspiring against you too. They have turned their backs against you. All you know is that it is just not fair. You can’t explain what is happening. You are basically drowning and you know that too, but too tired to scream or swim back. The air is not even fresh anymore. You doubt every single part of you and your decisions. You suddenly realize how lonely you have been, and you just hurt but don’t know why. You have categorized yourself as a weak person, and all you want to do is just lie down in bed all day covered up with that blanket which seems like your only company now. You want to just lie under the blanket and sleep since it is your only escape from reality.
It is okay, I am not going to judge you or comp…

Yearn for Hope

Walking slowly, ear buds stuck in her ear listening to music with volume turned to the highest. Isolated from the world, noise, happy chatters and laughter’s of people around her. It seemed liked the birds needed her attention today too because they all sang in unison but she paid no attention to any of it. It is her mind, her music and her against the world now. No, actually it is her music and her against her mind. Yes, she is been in a battle with a part of her. Crazy right? But that’s just what you think, and now she will begin to see herself as one in the near future. ***
Now, she is sitting down, still listening to music with the volume so high that it made her brain begin to hurt, and yet still wishing that the volume of the music suppresses those living creatures, those monsters in her mind. She is beginning to smile maybe because she was told to smile and be happy, or maybe because it did seem like she was defeating those monsters again. She was going to triumph those shrie…