Stronger than You are

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We all have that moment when it seems like everything is just not working out. It seems like you don’t even have control of anything happening in your lives anymore. You have just left everything to fate and the universe but it seems like your own fate and the universe are conspiring against you too. They have turned their backs against you. All you know is that it is just not fair. You can’t explain what is happening. You are basically drowning and you know that too, but too tired to scream or swim back. The air is not even fresh anymore. You doubt every single part of you and your decisions. You suddenly realize how lonely you have been, and you just hurt but don’t know why. You have categorized yourself as a weak person, and all you want to do is just lie down in bed all day covered up with that blanket which seems like your only company now. You want to just lie under the blanket and sleep since it is your only escape from reality.

It is okay, I am not going to judge you or compare you to other people, and hopefully people around you don’t do that to you either. Pain is always different, experienced and felt differently too. So, I am never going to be in the right position to know how hurt you are or what you are going through. But one thing I am going to say is that I do understand how you feel and I want you let you know that you are not alone in this. I may not be there with you physically or what not but I am just going to give you what I have. You can call it: motivational, inspirational or encouraging words, that is okay or you might not and it is totally fine. I just want to let you know that you have to keep your head above the water. You have to gather even if it is your last strength, you have to swim up. You cannot drown. It is hard, and believe me, I know that and I understand. You have to believe in yourself, believe in what you fight for. Love yourself selfishly because if you don’t, no one is probably going to do that for you. Believe the air is going to be fresh again someday. Believe that one day the universe and fate will be in your favor. One day, everything is going to be beautiful and blossom just like the spring. Keep pushing, and pray to whomever and whoever you want to pray to. Someone out there is going to hear you. One thing that is not acceptable is giving up.  Please do not give up, the finished line is almost here.

Again, keep fighting. If there is nothing to be grateful for, be grateful for life and that of your loved ones. Be thankful for having complete body parts. Be thankful for all the opportunities you have had so far. There is a very bright light at the end of tunnel you are avoiding and tired of travelling through, and it is understandable. Still, I encourage you to keep fighting till you get weary. Cry when needed, laugh when needed, and smile when it comes to it, but at the end of the day, you have to keep living. Someone out there is waiting on you because your story will inspire them somehow. Again, I might not be close to you but I know that I will always love you and put you in my little prayers hoping it will be of help to you. I will be hoping that it brings you strength, peace of mind, love, happiness, and so on.  One day, you will look back and discover how you easy it was when you decided to keep fighting.  But then again, it didn’t get easier, you just didn’t know your strength. I hope you find the strength you really need and I love you but remember love yourself too.


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