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Are we being too sensitive?

We are in the 21st century and it is 2018. Yes, that is pretty obvious but it just shows how far we have come. It is like a new era where everyone wants their opinion to be heard, young and old included. If you are among the young folks like I, it is pretty cool for our voices to be heard and acknowledged. If you are among the older folks, they probably think that our generation is being too sensitive like Dave Chappelle (he is my favorite comedian by the way).
So what do these folks really mean by being too sensitive? Does it mean that they don’t really like how things are now or the way things are going? Like I said earlier, this is a new era where things have changed from the last twenty—twenty-five years which I think is good for the second time. We live in a kind of world where women do not want to be catcalled anymore when walking down the street by some rude disrespectful men. It is an era where men who do such things get called out on social media and are fired from their jo…

They don't define you

Last week was the women’s week if you ask me. This was because Thursday being the 8th of March was women’s international day while Sunday, the 11th of March was mother’s day in some part of the world like Nigeria and England. It was so sweet seeing and reading heart touching, warm and nice messages from women and men too to women. It was good and so nice for women to be reminded of how strong they were because that was the main theme in everyone’s message, and of course including me. Yes, even some friends teased about it, “like if you don’t post about women, who will?’ “Oh, it’s an official day for you to be a feminist.” Statements like these don’t get me annoyed anymore, actually it amuses me lately. I mean I could use a little laugh here and there.
So, I won’t be talking about women’s day today, or about being strong or rather knowing that you are a strong being who can break down too like every creature. I won’t be telling you today that you are not an angel and don’t need to be…