Are we being too sensitive?

We are in the 21st century and it is 2018.  Yes, that is pretty obvious but it just shows how far we have come. It is like a new era where everyone wants their opinion to be heard, young and old included. If you are among the young folks like I, it is pretty cool for our voices to be heard and acknowledged.  If you are among the older folks, they probably think that our generation is being too sensitive like Dave Chappelle (he is my favorite comedian by the way).

So what do these folks really mean by being too sensitive? Does it mean that they don’t really like how things are now or the way things are going? Like I said earlier, this is a new era where things have changed from the last twenty—twenty-five years which I think is good for the second time. We live in a kind of world where women do not want to be catcalled anymore when walking down the street by some rude disrespectful men. It is an era where men who do such things get called out on social media and are fired from their jobs for such an act. We live in a time where women are bold enough to call out their sexual predators just by tweeting out few words and an action is taken most times, the criminal is brought to justice most times too. A time where a man does not want you to refer to him as a woman because he was once one, likewise for a woman. A time where no one wants to be judged for their sexual preferences, a time people have the right to be with anyone they want to be regardless of gender. Does it mean being sensitive by all these?

What does it mean to be too sensitive that some people talk about? Since, things have changed a lot, it is a time women like me do not want to hindered by some restrictions because there is no dangling thing between our legs. It is a time most women believe in equality for both genders everywhere including their work places. It is a time where riots are not just done but also hashtags like: #blacklivesmatter, #neveragain, #enough, #metoo are used on social platforms when there is a social crisis. We technically live in a time when everyone wants their rights protected, the black man, the black woman, the children, the LGBTQIA, the women.

I don’t know what you think about all these. Are we really being too sensitive in this century? Maybe, yes but that is for a reason. We are being too sensitive because the beliefs have changed like so many things that have changed too. We believe in everyone having the same rights to live. No hate shooting, no discrimination, no racism, no sexism, and so on. If we have all these beliefs and yet allow things to be the way they were in the past fifteen years, what then are we doing? It doesn’t make sense at all. Yes, again we are sensitive because our generation have decided to stay woke to things around us. We have chosen love and not hate.


  1. There's the saying, "change is constant" the being sensitive you talk about has always be there, but being suppressed by the oppressors, no listening for those who pushed for the right of the oppressed, like there was no conscience drives in the past, but the world has moved from that stage, you can't just neglect the open cry of the mass, or throw it under the carpet, because not acting is viewed as incompetent rather than favourism as in the past, I #tag seems stronger then petitions wish can be thrown in the trash can. LET'S DO MORE

    1. Yes, I agree with you on some levels. And like you said let’s do more and I believe we can. Thank you for sharing your opinion with me.


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