Life, a game we all actively play. Some win and some lose. Life, a mystery we all have to solve. To some it's quite easy and to some it's a hard nut to crack. To some it is an interesting puzzle, there is always a missing piece and a bonus which includes a lesson on each part. 

Okay, I might be boring you with life phrases but I think it is important because we all play a part in this life one way or the other consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. The point is we all here now so we have no choice than to live it.

In life, there are some points we come across people we make a difference in our lives, they cause a great impact in our lives positively. They change our mindset and like the wind they vanish right after they do that. You don't know how it happens but it just happens. these are the people whom if given a choice you would like to keep around you for a lifetime, but the forces of life one way or the other takes them away from you. I talked to my mom, she said because their role in your life was to help you at that point and once their mission is accomplished, they leave just as they came. So, you might say they help you fix a puzzle in life and vroom they go. At the same time, there are some too that stick around and help you, support you every day, and build your mindset. These ones stay, they play a great part in your life and you wonder why it took long to meet them. They just genuinely want to see you win in life. They root for you even when you are not rooting for yourself. They expect nothing in return, all they want to see is to watch you succeed, and that is enough reward for them. It makes you think, can you play this game/ puzzle called life without these cheat codes. I don’t think so. If one could, we wouldn’t need anyone.

Again, there are also people who come into our lives for a short amount of time just to drain the positivism that you are barely trying to hold on to. You might see them as people who don’t deserve to be in your life or weren’t worth your time. No, the thing is they are also like the people who come to help you out a great deal and vanish quickly. So, even if they give your life the wrong vibes, that’s the role they were meant to play in your life. I don’t know why it is so. I am curious about it and hope on finding out one day. Maybe, it is to show that life can’t be all rosy. There are ups and down. You can chose to see it as a movie, these roles are already pre-assigned to everyone in your life and likewise in you in their lives. These people might vanish quickly or stay for a while or probably forever. It depends on your fate.

For the ones that come and go quickly after playing a big positive roles in our lives, sometimes you wish you could see them to at least say thank you because most times you don’t even get to say that and somehow strangely you lose all means of communication no matter how hard you try. But if it is fate I really hope we get to meet again KHALIFA at least to say thank you. I owe you that much and also to tell you that you are one of the real ones.

Again, life can also be bitch, it just depends but at the end of the day it is not that serious. We came without consent so it will take us without consent too. Live everyday like it is going to your last, cherish every breath like it is going to be the last. It is not that serious. Laugh, smile, get angry, cry, play, read, work but live your life to the fullest no matter the odds. Everyone who comes into your life are not meant to be there forever. Whatever comes, goes too.


  1. Coming from personal experience, I can identity of what is being said entirely. Ever since high school, the friendships I made were almost like relationships that even though I enjoyed them very much, they all ended abruptly. Most of which there was even a reason behind it, other than me trying to figure it out on my own. It was more sad than confusing, and made me more aware of the chance of it happening again. I like this blog because it informs me of what numerous experiences had made me come to the realization of. Friends don't always last forever despite your attempts at preservation, but while it is noble to keep a friendship from dying or "checking out", what's more important is enjoying the time &I experienced you have with those people.

    1. I'm sorry about your experience with your friendships but you know that's how life works. I guess their role in your life was over. Somethings are not just meant to be.


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