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The Subtle Act of Being Kind

I am a strong believer and what I mean by this is that I believe in many things. Things which are not necessary the norms of the society, and also things that I believe one with a conscience should believe in too.  One of those things is kindness. I am a strong believer of the act of being kind. Being kind unlike most people think doesn’t actually take a lot of work. It doesn’t take a lot of energy.

Being kind to people is as easy as winking. It might take a little bit of effort but trust me, it is worth it. You can choose to see it as following the golden rule. The golden rule is simply treating others the same way you will like to be treated. Imagine a world where we all treat one another as we would treat ourselves. Learn to say nice things to people, compliment people. Tell them you like their shoes, clothes instead of jealousy or anger that you can’t afford them. Ask people how they are doing without expecting to be asked back. Help people out when you can. I happen to be in the…