The Subtle Act of Being Kind

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I am a strong believer and what I mean by this is that I believe in many things. Things which are not necessary the norms of the society, and also things that I believe one with a conscience should believe in too.  One of those things is kindness. I am a strong believer of the act of being kind. Being kind unlike most people think doesn’t actually take a lot of work. It doesn’t take a lot of energy.

Being kind to people is as easy as winking. It might take a little bit of effort but trust me, it is worth it. You can choose to see it as following the golden rule. The golden rule is simply treating others the same way you will like to be treated. Imagine a world where we all treat one another as we would treat ourselves. Learn to say nice things to people, compliment people. Tell them you like their shoes, clothes instead of jealousy or anger that you can’t afford them. Ask people how they are doing without expecting to be asked back. Help people out when you can. I happen to be in the store one day to grab a few things. My card declined but the crazy thing was there was money in it, so maybe it was just some technical problems with the machine. It just kept rejecting my card. I was about to leave when a lady in her middle age, (We don’t know each other from anywhere) offered to pay my things although I hesitated and tried rejecting the offer. She insisted and paid for my items. She said to me, “I am blessed and I feel like I should bless others too. I don’t have to know you to be kind to you.” I was beaming with a smile. I said thank you repeatedly till I left the store, but I left knowing that the world is not entirely a bad place. There are still good people out there. There are still people who are kind out there and who don’t expect anything from you.

Regardless of the fact that some folks don’t actually treat themselves well, you can start by treating yourself with care, love and kindness. We are all humans, and that justifies the fact that we are all faced with one or more problems which means that people will try to take out the anger generated from the thought of their problems on other people. People will try you, curse at you even when you are being kind, just remember don’t stop what you are doing.

Because this is life and not a magical land, don’t ever expect people to reciprocate the kindness you show to them. Be kind without any expectation, so that way you don’t get broken. You don’t question yourself, “If it’s worth it” because it is. The heavens and the universe are taking record even when humans are not. You will be pushed to the wall often, things will happen, but never let it break you. Never allow it to get you. Never stop being you, never stop being kind. There may be no reward now, just misunderstandings but keep doing you. People will always question your characters, they will always find fault so ignore all. At the same time, don’t take nonsense from everyone all in the name of being kind. Always know when to draw the line for some folks. You don’t have to be nasty to them, just ignore them and keep being you.

Again, keep in mind to be kind not just for the reward but because it is a necessity and you are probably going to change a soul. Your words are strong, so are your actions; if they are kind, they can change someone from giving up on themselves. If they are cruel, they can change someone too but in a more negative way. The world is stressful enough, but with one act of kindness from you, it can make it bearable for someone. Also, you can’t give what you don’t have. Be kind to yourself first, then it will easily flow across to others. It might be hard but I am sending each and every one of you love even as I type this, and strength to carry them out.
We can do this!!
We will do this!!


  1. I actually like this piece especially the way you emphasized on the topic. Good one SANDRA.

  2. Your writing seems genuine. And you can write too. Keep writing. It will pay off ine day!

    1. Thank you sweetie. It really means a lot to me.


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