The Age of Socialization

What does it mean to live a double life? We live in a time where we really know each other but we don’t really know one another. A time where we don’t even know ourselves.  There are a lot of things going on at this time and therefore many distractions too disrupting our lives. This is the age of socialization and advanced civilization. Millennials have new ways, opinions and views about life and how it’s supposed to be. Some older folks think millennials are just being so extra while there are some who agree with millennials.

The age of great socialization where social media has totally taken control of everything which is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a good idea but it’s a platform that promotes double life. I know a boy who is going through a lot in the real life but has an amazing, happy and successful life on social media. I know a girl who has a better life than this boy but because of his life on social media, she is envious and jealous of this boy due to his portrayal on social media. She pities her life all the time and wishes to be like him. I know a man with more likes on Instagram and approximately thousands of views of snap chat that is highly indebted to the bank. I know of a young boy who is trying so much to be like this man above without even realizing he is only seeing one side of his life.

All I am trying to illustrate is that we have mastered the act of pretense so much that sometimes we live a fake life just because of an online representation. Stay true to yourself always at least if not for anything, for your own mental health.  Don’t pressure yourself so much based on people’s lifestyle online. Most of them are going through difficult times but would not even show it because we are very quick to judge them and shut them down. I have heard things like, “no one wants to know your problems”, “you are better than so many people, stop seeking for attention”, and so on when people seek for help.

Check up on your loved ones, friends, families all the time. Do not let the social media life fool you. Don’t fall for those smiles on their snap-chat because most times it can be genuine and it can also be fake.  Please, talk to people around you when it gets hard, don’t keep it all to yourself. There’s no need in taking the title “strong woman” or “strong man” while in reality you are breaking down without seeking for help. It’s okay to break down and you owe no one an obligation to always be strong and brave. You are human with emotions, let them out always. You deserve true happiness and that is what I am sending your way and I sincerely hope the universe grants you that too. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.


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