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Grateful Heart

Have you ever found yourself being ungrateful? Have you ever been so shocked at how selfish you as a human being can be? Well, I have and it took me a while to discover it. It is not just me though, most of us are in this together. We live each day and we get so used to our daily schedule that a little shake up leaves us angry or better still irritated. We forget how privileged we are to actually leave our homes each day and go back to our homes. We get angry over the wrong issues, we get mad at the wrong things. We take our blessings for granted. We forget that we are not really entitled to all these good things we have been receiving.
Sometimes, we don’t actually remember how privileged and blessed it is to be alive. What a great gift it is to be healthy with all body parts working well. We complain about little things like not having a good paying jobs, not having enough money, or better still stress. We always tend to forget or maybe just me that it takes someone alive and healt…