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Have you ever found yourself being ungrateful? Have you ever been so shocked at how selfish you as a human being can be? Well, I have and it took me a while to discover it. It is not just me though, most of us are in this together. We live each day and we get so used to our daily schedule that a little shake up leaves us angry or better still irritated. We forget how privileged we are to actually leave our homes each day and go back to our homes. We get angry over the wrong issues, we get mad at the wrong things. We take our blessings for granted. We forget that we are not really entitled to all these good things we have been receiving.

Sometimes, we don’t actually remember how privileged and blessed it is to be alive. What a great gift it is to be healthy with all body parts working well.  We complain about little things like not having a good paying jobs, not having enough money, or better still stress. We always tend to forget or maybe just me that it takes someone alive and healthy to have money, a better paying job and so on.  We are ungrateful even when we are not on the hospital beds screaming with pains. It just makes me wonder how selfish we have become.

I had an encounter this week and just like most people, I worried about the wrong thing at the wrong time.  I never understood how lucky I was and at the same time ungrateful. Even when my close friends tried to put me on check , for some reasons I wasn’t really understanding them. They were worried for the right thing but I was too blind by my selfishness that all I could worry about was the wrong thing. It took a co-worker saying just a few words to me for me to realize that I had been the most ungrateful girl. I can’t even begin to put how I felt into writing but I had pity on myself. I had been ignorant all these while and neglected the most important thing while I was busy worrying for the wrong thing. I began to think how many people actually think like me or have acted like I just did.

I am not saying these to make you feel bad like I did but just to let you know that there’s still room left to change. You can stop being selfish and ungrateful and begin to appreciate every little thing in your life because it matters. Don’t be like me who was so ungrateful. Be grateful for life, for good health and just everything including a roof over your head.
We are conquerors.


  1. You know Sanda, in some of the ways you've described, I feel the same. At times, I've become aware of my own selfishness and deeply thought about how it plays a role in my life or influences my decisions. Thinking back, I came to realize that it plays a bigger role than I initially thought. It's come to my attention my selfishness comes from or is the source of my desire to live out & enjoy the pleasantries of life while disregarding or not taking seriously the more important aspects of it growing up. For instance, when I have money, I'd like to spend it on 'wants' instead of 'needs', but most of the time I save my money for when a time comes where I'll need it. This, in turn, became a real eye-opener to me. However, despite what I say about selfishness impacts my life, that doesn't mean that I am not grateful for all things that I have been given by my friends (the one who really care) and family. It means more than I can begin to explain because without them, I would probably be a different person than I am right now. I won't deny that my selfishness caused me to make wrong or inconsiderate decisions, but that doesn't have to be from on because it has encouraged me to think about every decision I ponder about before I make them. However, other people may or may not feel the same sense of change. Selfishness can be taken to a whole different level where it can literally dictate a person's every thought & action, especially if it brings harms to others. I could go with several examples or scenarios that will emphasize what I mean, but simply researching personal stories or watching various form of media will provide a more broader insight into the topic. Please do worry Sandra, because even the most purist or selfless person can be capable of selfishness, but knowing it's limits and how much it influences your decisions or view on people & life can mean the biggest difference.

    1. Yes, i understand what you are saying. being selfish can actually cause us to make bad decisions but sometimes ...just sometimes it can actually be nice to selfish. It all depends on what part you are looking at it from. I just want to learn to be grateful for most things in my life but I fall short most times. I am still on the part of learning honestly. Thank you for your honest opinions.


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