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What to do?

What to do?  She has been caught up in her web of lies. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes hysterical.  A damned hypocrite with no shame. I watched her shiver with fear and shame. She was scared but didn’t know the reason. She wasn’t really the perfect one around or in town but we all envied her or I know I did. I admired her and wished to be her. She was smart and got her way around with words. I was glad that she was a part of me. We were all part of the same entities but I wasn’t her. She was better than the rest of us. She was slow to anger. We made fun of her sometimes because she was the typical good girl. She was a humanist, had a love for mankind and humanity. She represented everything good. We took turns in being present. When it was her turn, we were seen as smart, wise and well-behaved. She was a source of an inspiration to people around or maybe she just knew how to say the words. She will always tell them, keep pushing and don’t give up. She always preached kind…