What to do?

She has been caught up in her web of lies. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes hysterical. 
A damned hypocrite with no shame. I watched her shiver with fear and shame. She was scared but didn’t know the reason. She wasn’t really the perfect one around or in town but we all envied her or I know I did. I admired her and wished to be her. She was smart and got her way around with words. I was glad that she was a part of me. We were all part of the same entities but I wasn’t her. She was better than the rest of us. She was slow to anger. We made fun of her sometimes because she was the typical good girl. She was a humanist, had a love for mankind and humanity. She represented everything good. We took turns in being present. When it was her turn, we were seen as smart, wise and well-behaved. She was a source of an inspiration to people around or maybe she just knew how to say the words. She will always tell them, keep pushing and don’t give up. She always preached kindness above all. She talked about self-love like it was a necessity to life, I mean it is. 

What to do? I should have paid attention to notice that all she lived a double life. When it was time for her to be represent us and things got rough, I was shocked, we all were. I can’t ever forget the look on her face, she needed help so much but she won’t ask.  I tried to whisper to her, you always told people to ask for help when it gets too hard. I watched her always lay down there beating herself up. She cursed herself out many times a day. We all feared for her sanity. We all united this time, tried to talk sense into her but to no avail. I reminded her of her words, “nothing lasts forever”, and I even told her that she inspires me but she was drowning in the pool of self-pity. Poor child, stay away from those drinks and try to get up again please. I am really not the rude one, I’m just the blunt one. You can’t even put your words to practice I told her countless time hoping it would help. Oh dear, may the universe help us out from this phony alcoholic. I am angry that she keeps whispering, “I hate myself”, we don’t hate ourselves, we love ourselves including her. She was the most optimistic of all of us, I was the realist but now she won’t even believe that things can change around. We can’t replace her because she has to get through it herself. I want to help her but she won’t even have me around her anymore. When it was my turn, she was a big help to me. I read most of her words and they were really helpful but she won’t allow me do that for her.

What to do? I love her so much not just because she was a part of me but because she was good and just wanted good for others but I’m hurt that she’s been living in lies. I thought when she said she was all for self-love, she meant every word. I didn’t know that they were just words. She wrote self-love but meanwhile she wallowed in self-pity. I don’t mean to hurt her when I called her a hypocrite but I just pity her. Who will take a hypocrite serious? I stepped aside for her friends to take over, we listened and stayed quiet as they advised saying everything we have told her but she keeps arguing that it’s her fate. 
What to do? It’s only a matter of time before she starts infecting us with this. If only she will hang in there, if only she will listen to me. I have learnt my lesson. When this is over, I won’t put the whole pressure on her no more. I also hope that the other beings have learnt theirs too. She lived a double life and we didn’t really check up on her because we thought she had it all. We thought she was perfect but we all know better now. 


  1. Nice one and I do get some hints that this might be about yourself. just like people do all the time, you are struggling with your identity. at a certain point, you have to pick the one that makes you a good person because people get tired of the bad side of humans real fast. I loved it though.


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